It doesn’t even really do anything anymore, no one uses rockets.

I just want another to complete my Maple heli.

I still use rockets, I like them. Since you can use them now to score for some of daily missions (like the cannons/rockets/grenades one), they’re still viable. The Flock has been the most useful for me in the leviathan invasions; saved my neck more than a few times. And it’s great as an alternate “firework” on art builds.


True, but it’s going for more than a Starfall. I don’t think fireworks = AA gun.

How often are you playing with rotors? Lots of Heli builds use multiple rockets and this is a perfect add on for defense against them in the wasteland.

I agree with Purple, I LOVE using them as fireworks :smiley:

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I play with rotors every time I log on (almost every day). I’m just saying it’s dumb they’re so expensive.