Flying Fire at Orbital Station

Is this new?
Have I just been missing this on other maps?

Flying Fire around the 1:40 mark.

Fire puddles have always floated when they land on a hill or some scenery. They’re just a single flat visual asset I guess, so doesn’t perform well on non-flat surfaces.

It bugs me, but hopefully they will improve the animation in the future.


Yeah, I have seen this before on other maps.


How the heck have I missed that?

Maybe I just noticed it because of the color palate on that map.

Hey it’s me :smiley:
Second time I have ever been in any kind of a video, this is awesome
Practicing with buzzsaws because I am thinking of getting 2 chadrybis

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Oh crap! That WAS you! You should’ve said hi! You almost got me… Bye Felicia! :rofl:
I’m not lying when I say I don’t pay attention to names in the game or forum.
Heck, my wife says I don’t do that in real life.

She ain’t lying!

Like I put in the video, though… that’s why you put passive melee around the build. Lots of my builds have it 360 degrees. It’s hard to see in the video, but that build has bumpers under those van doors up front. If you weren’t getting drilled by 3 other players aside from myself, I may have lost more than what I did. As is, that new melee weapon doesn’t excite me.

Edit… I just checked… there are 3 bumpers under there & 6 wheels, so it can lose a lot up front and keep fighting.