Flying modes should have a larger player count

For the flying, I believe having a 12v12 would make it a much better experience.

Right now, you have maybe 2 flyers per match. This makes one good player being on your team an almost guaranteed win. With more players, this would be less of an issue.

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I agree, but unfortunately many players hate the helicopter battles, so we don’t have enough people for bigger matches.

PC often has half and half matches were it’s just bots on the ground. It’s not always that fun.


They should really tweak the bots’ builds a bit for heli battles. Remove some builds that are really unfit for fighting helis, release a few decent AA builds.

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Most of the bots can hit stuff as players maneuver around but they often end up attacking players in groups do to their pre planned pathing’s. Their follow logic probably should be adjusted as a single player can end up leading off the entire opposing teams bots fairly easy. Since they often won’t change targets it kind of sucks a bit of the fun out of it as you can just target them freely until an opposing player attempts to intervene. It would be much more interesting if they could changed target when incoming fire hits them provided they weren’t already being shot at.

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Yeah, bots targeting helos can get interesting. It makes fighting another helo interesting as you dodge cannon fire from half way across the map.

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I am surprised the Devs haven’t introduced Heli Bots. “Skynet” :thinking: Talk about a friggin night mare LMBO! Don’t shoot me if the idea makes it back to the Dev’s :speak_no_evil: