Flying your Helicopter.........🚁

what works best for you?
for me…‘using triple rapiers’.

Steer with your mouse.

and use your up and down keys,W,S…

‘Q,E’ for barrel rolls…

Fly higher Faster ‘W + hold space bar’…

It depends on the build, and I’m using a variety of build types.

As for controls, where the copter blades are in relation to the center of mass is the biggest determinant in how the rig handles. Placing it forward/back greatly effects how well you can steadily approach something head-on and keep the target in your sights.

Placing the blades very high compared with the center of mass greatly effects stability. That’s good and bad. The more stable it is, the easier it is to control which is a big deal in those tight city maps. That being said, it makes them much less maneuverable - specifically for those barrel rolls. I have a Christmas Tree build with the propellors WAY above the center of mass. I can barrel roll it, but it takes much longer than a tight little build.

this is my go to…

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I constantly hold down one of the turning buttons to fly sideways, keeping my nose aimed where I need.

That’s my crocodile.

it flys but very low