For the Creatives in the Audience

I was going to initially drop this in the “Goto Songs” thread but, then, I got to thinking more about it all and, well, I decided to start a new topic for it.

I like listening to trailer music when doing most anything, I find that it really gets my imagination running, specially when gaming. I remember back when World of Warcraft released it’s expansion called Cataclysm and, back then, I found the music very derivative of Raiders of the Lost Ark and, so, I would just mute the game music and listen to that instead. Even so, I found it’s opening trailer music to be absolutely epic! It’s in my Top 10 of Trailer themes of all time. Fast forward from WoW to Crossout and, one day, I was listening to it while playing…and the imagination just started rolling.

Humor me if you will and have a watch of the original WoW trailer, then, have a watch of the video I made (if you have not seen it already). I hope you have time because things won’t end there.

And now…

Next is a piece that is in my Top 5 and I was listening to while romping around in adventure and, no matter what, each time I dropped into Adventure with this song on, something epic happened.

I went on to use it in my 1st attempt to make a Pro-Crossout Advert while trying to gain sponsorship for my channel.

It was about 6 months later when I revised it into this…

I just wanted to share with y’all, a little of the process that works for me and, hopefully, if you’re feeling stalled out, it might help get your gears going again.

The music…

Something that feeds the creative juices is listening to the soundtracks of movies.

The one for Fury Road is really good… Moody… Dark… Ominous.

I’d guess Brothers in Arms would be good for the types of vids you’re putting together.

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