Forced battles with choppers

Chopper battles are doable without meta weapons if you use the camera flip keybind which is usually T. I got a couple clips to prove it where I dumpster caucasus helis with therms because I can fly away from them while shooting them because I know about this keybind trick. Yes nobody else knows about it and I figured it out before they did.

Who’s gonna tell him?

Lol, They cant be mounted sideways? I’ve never owned them hehehe.

Caucasus can only be mounted straight up and down, and they stick up like sore thumbs, weigh more than previously, while turning slower and having less durability and needing coolers or radiators to work well when before they needed nothing but the 4 energy and a Detector. The Jawbreaker had 10 energy and two Caucasus and one Detector and one Cheetah made a powerful combination with Hans co-driver. Now they suck.

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I wonder if oppressor speeds up the rotation of them?
I only tried them briefly, and had some fun running them on Janabbi. But I don’t think oppressor had its current perk, and I don’t think buggy wheels existed yet. I might pick some up again and do another version of that drift car.

I don’t get the complaints about chopper battles. Maybe I’m not playing in the right PS range to see the builds you guys are complaining about. I’m usually around 12kPS these days.

Most of the time I just use whatever ground build I’m currently using in normal PVP. I’ve got MVPs with a wheeled melee build, so I don’t really stress about whether my weapons are good against flying enemies. If you are fast, you can just focus first on taking out the enemy ground builds, and then try to cap. Most of the air maps have overhead cover on the caps, which means enemy copters have to get close to take you out.
When I’m actually playing a flying build, the only one I’ve been taking out is a dual Dove copter, so I still just focus on taking out the ground builds, and hope my team can focus on the enemy copters. It’s possible to hit enemy copters with Doves, but it’s very difficult, and not nearly as satisfying as carpet bombing clusters of spiders.

That is what I would do, but some missions force you to damage and the also the team must kill the enemy helicopters. The only sure way to hit them is fly at them and at least tag each enemy flyer and hope for the best.

I just use ACs for those kinds of challenges. Glad I picked up a second Starfall, as they seem perfect for anti-aircraft.

I equipped 3 Hawks, Cheetah, Maxwell and Cloak 1 and flew at them and hit them and landed and drove for the wins.

Yeah, they’re around 4k.

Well there’s an easy solution to avoid them then. Just add some extra movement parts and decor, and get out of that range.

Good luck, they’re going 110, easy. One kept up with my “Built for Speed” model, which can go 120 unboosted.

On a ground build. Don’t bother unless you are thinking in doing raids.
Doing PVP they will fall off easy, you will be in a clear disadvantage due to a smaller range than everything else but SGs and melee. Obstructions are very frustrating, you are losing lock often. Against choppers they don’t even open up cause range and firing angles.
In raids i will try them out in a hover with a tower in a attempt to bypass obstructions

Oh I know all about the drawbacks. Not expecting much, but curious if I can improve on my previous attempts.

On a ground build you are wasting your resources…Just saying…
In my case i already improved my PVE build by switch them for Cyclones

I get more from a bad game with Cyclones than with an outstanding game with Caucasus, same applies to AC-62s