Forced battles with choppers

Developers, you guys are a complete team of brainless donkey morons, why would i like to be forced to play against chopper while im using a ground build? in which universe you guys thought this is going to be a good idea? Stop fucking ruining a game that i like and bring the separate queue list morons


yes it’s bit much for an april fools joke,
i like the other april fools joke when they gave us Fall damage.


I need to explain how to destroy a helicopter when I have a shotgun installed :thinking: thanks for the answer :+1:


you cant, die

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what i especially like, is even if you do win, it does not count for weekly challenges today

it’s completely shit

Helis are the solution to shotgun/melee spam. Adapt or die.

I’ve already been attacked by relic shotgun copters. There’s little defense once they get close.

Do you have any idea how to adapt my Caucasus to shoot choppers?
Maybe changing them for chords?

Heli gameplay is so shit too. Cauc, lockon, and hitscan spam while getting back2lobbie’d by bots. It would be more fun to play helis if their cab HP was multiplied by .5x and lockons/cauc got reworked, and if flutes got their lasers removed so people could use them.
Parser helis are also aids. Bam your rotors are gone from far away by hitscan.
But nah I’m just some burnout noskill shitter what do I know.
The simplest fix for caucasus across the board is to lag its aimbot reaction speed a certain amount of time so its going to always miss a fast and evasive enough target while always hitting ground builds. Armored Core 6 does this with its fire control system modules.

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I got down to 5200 PS. Then with 8 Bots and 8 humans only one helicopter per team it was acceptable. That was at 5:00 AM queueing RU. From 7:00PM, reset time, until 11:00 PM it was NA, but it was 2 helicopters per side.

30 mins left, used the time to spam out challenges

Aspect. It’s FREAKING AWESOME. It’s got gold elevation, good damage output, and a fast turn speed, plus it’s low PS (for a legendary). I had one, but sold it right before sky raiders was announced for a railgun (the purple one, can’t remember what it’s called) back when it was good. I should have kept it, they’re god tier machine guns. Only downside I could think of is they’re not the most durable thing in the world.

Even if i suppose they didnt cross the line with this years april fools, that one was just pure douchery.

then what are hovers the solution to? :smirk:

Since the nerf… nothing, they’re the problem. I like the new ones though. They feel more real. All of the omnidirectional movement parts feel more real. All we need now are faster cannon projectiles.

I await the day APC parts become completely immune to shotguns/machineguns (joke don’t get mad please).

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i am very disappointed that you didnt sense my joke. :man_facepalming:

My point was the duality of balance meeting in one place.

As spectres and sinus and people do well with them, aspects looks like a WW I machine gun, looks cool

I was thinking the same thing about the air and ground mixed mode, when i just finished building my harvester melee build, i am glad they seem to have cancelled it tho.

Run a KTM style build with the Caucs mounted sideways so they all can shoot up and even behind you so that heli players cannot hover above you to evade your firing arcs. Even starfalls have this issue where if an enemy goes from being 89* overhead to being 91* overhead, the guns can’t go past 90* so they have to turn 180* around to keep aiming at the enemy heli so you are losing seconds of your DPS while they flutter overhead. If you sidemount your guns they cannot do this to you.

If ground builds become an issue due to your limited horizontal angles run omnis or atoms. 4 atoms is more than durable enough imo. You can use cam steer to drive one way while shooting 180* behind you if you use T to flip your camera 180. I have that keybind set to a mouse button.