Forgotten or abandoned weapons and parts

Do you feel like there are weapons, cabins, modules etc, good or bad, that the devs have just completely abandoned? Guns that have not been changed in a while, gun that probably the devs decide to pretend it does not exist or guns that feel like the devs have just gone “It is what it is” and case closed?

I get that feeling from the TOW, Buzzsaw, Vulture, Varun, Owl, Anaconda, Werewolf, Cerberus, Yokozuna, Golden Eagle off of the top of my head

I literally mentioned it to the developers in the suggestions, they must have pretended not to see it

Yes. Yes we do feel the same.

Cashgrab doesn’t care about stuff of which they won’t get much profit off.

I just want the Kia Soul front and rear bumper back (Wuling MiniEV Mars).

I happily use Golden Eagle on several builds.

Not really, the developers are willing to buff some of the regular antagonistic weapons like the phoenix, the plasma rifle and some of the cannons
weapons with special mechanics like clarinets, missile drones, nests and the like become a mess, even if they have big problems with their data and the developers don’t want to change them for some reason
But for me, I don’t fully understand their thinking, after all, nothing can go wrong if the winning percentage stays within the normal range

The same phoenix which is included in the “War” Deluxe pack?

Crappy buff. And I do have Helios, so I can tell.

Cannons were crap most of the time. They got some penetration now but only relics show good results, rumour is. I’d still prefer my Toadfish over my Mammoths.

None of which is included in the packs.

But hey, what about Crickets? Two packs have it. And it got buffed. If used with Spider cabin, it has near ideal precision.

Not to mention Varuns, Adapters, Yokai, and the rest of them “real money purchased” weapons. I know it can be purchased via in-game coins, shut it.

Legendary weapons (except Athena) are not related to the packs, they gained buffs

The last Prometheus buff

Crickets can be considered normal weapons

Those were crap as well. Assembler still is. And Harverster is sorta crap, too. Having crappy items buffed does not nullify the intentional buff of “paid” items.

Now it penetrates 30% instead of 10%; gatdayum what an immeaseureable damage! Hide your wives and children Prometheus is in da town!

Yeah, it still sucks. Not the least reason being the size and shape of the weapon. And that goes for both epic and legendary plasma emitters.

By the way. Elephant has been fully upgraded as well. 15% more damage, 100% penetration, more precision.

You don’t get the point, do you? They buff those weapons they plan to get their profit from, one way or another. Either you buy packs with that weapon, or you buy miniBP with the same weapon, or you drop all your gold into buying “the-brand-new-but-actually-buffed-old thing”. The fact that they upgrade some of the barrel bottom does not negate, nullify, cancel, cover, hide, and/or justify the fact that they do the intentional buffs/nerfs of the parts they plan to have their money off of. “Oh boy look at the new Steppe Spider reworked! BTW buy that pack again. Oh boy look at the new Ghost reworked! BTW buy that pack again.” And so on and so forth.

Omamori nerf incoming, by the way.

What about the Cyclone Mammoth and the machine gun?

I mean in a previous update Prometheus increased the damage

Assembler is annoying below 10000ps and the developer buffed it in a previous update
Including the indirect buffs in the warhead update, you see Scorpion and Epic Scorpion nerfed and it’s unaltered

Well, I’ll admit they’d be more serious about those pack parts.

That’s good.

Urhm… well, annoying like a mosquito, yes. Not above that level of annoyance.

The only nerf it suffered was the reduction of the projectile size.

After that is was buffed to deal more damage with charged shot and deal less damage to the parts it is welded on.

Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?

Relic Scorpion is not a pack weapon, by the way.

I’m clear on every word, but which words of mine are you referring to?

I’d like to highlight the assembler buffs with the same type of weapons

Don’t play coy with me.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Alright then, I’m done here. Don’t bother me anymore.

I just didn’t remember the name, and as for categorization, you don’t just look at the categories on the tech tree do you