Forum Attackers?

A few days ago I came to the forum and got this message. It lasted till the next day every time I came here.

I’m not sure this forum is safe…

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Forum didn’t update for me for about 36hrs, I thought everyone left or it was broke


Yeah, I guess it was being attacked :slight_smile:

From what i know the “owners” of this forum (in this case gaijin) did not renew the contract for the website’s domain, which basically translate that they do not own the website’s adress, or link…

It took them 2 days to renew itafter the expiration date, for me the forum would load only the main page if i forced it to open, but it would be unable to load anything else, nor make posts or comments…

I sent in a support ticket on it but only got an auto response back and a second about it being pending at around 5am Wednesday. Was working all yesterday afternoon… The type of error it was was a verify date and time error probably on their side (server) since it happened to multiple people. This has nothing to do with the DNS ownership.

Same here, for almost two days it didn’t update and it showed the same notifications over and over and also didn’t load properly


It’s a good thing rules like no spreading disinformation about the game aren’t enforced… for you at least.

Same, I’ve seen that error before, like years ago though



every time i opened the forum within those 2 days it would show me an message telling me that the previous website owner no longer owned the website domain and someone could be using it now to try to trick people…

if i attempted to proceed the website would open on the “latest posts” page but nothing would work, i’m not trying to spread disinformation maliciously, it is just what i know due to what i have been told by the “website”

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She’s talking about how you are miss reading the error code and what is meant by it.


heh, could have been a translator error then, or the browser was wrong… but i do remember it said something like that,i think i have a screenshot, but it is not on my PC at the moment…

Could have been but doesn’t really matter at this point, it’s fixed.