Forum Lurkers

I was looking at some forum stats today, and I realized that the forum keeps tracks of how many times someone even visits the forum.

It only counts them if they are logged in, but some of the high view counts surprised me. Even from people that say they don’t come to the forum any more.

The human condition is very interesting to say the least.


Am I being called out for lurking? I haven’t posted in over a week, but I still lurk about this forum (reddit too), I suppose. I just don’t have anything to add to any of these conversations. I’ve started a few replies, but then I’m like, Fck-it. I would have skipped this one too, but I found it too hard to just lurk past this one.


If I’m near a computer, I’m normally on to some degree. I have horrible insomnia so it’s really more often then it should be.


I lurked here for a very long time before actually logging in. Even then, I lurked before posting.

“Life conditions” have changed, and I have more free time. I don’t lurk much anymore.

As for people lurking who used to be regulars… I looked up one in particular who left the forum in dramatic fashion.
Still here. LOL

The other former regular this made me curious about has apparently had the account deleted or blocked.

I won’t name names. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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I’ve always assumed there are more lurkers than posters.
I lurked for a long time before making an account.
The in-game documentation is often confusing, and building is complicated. The forum is a decent place to find that info.


It is certainly better than reddit. Reddit is an absolute mess if you are actually looking for information. I mean, it’s great if you want to get into a flame war or farm for upvotes or whatever. Neither of those interests me very much.


We miss you sir :slight_smile:


if i could count how many times i do that…lmao!


lot of people don’t want to reply due to bad experiences being trolled or bullied into silence. And DO NOT want the stress of dealing with toxic people who only mission is to make life hell for others for their own satisfaction. like derailing important topics that need to be discussed to find ways to address them or convince the devs to fix them. As a means to keep other players from causing harm to their targets or intended groups.

You’re derailing this thread right now.
Stay on topic please!

I did not derail it, its actually it is on topic lurkers and why they are lurking. i read and not reply too. especially when trying to avoid said toxic people.

another possibility need to look into, is if person doesn’t log out do they get counted even if not actively reading? I come back to site but am still logged in. and do not need to log in again because I just close the page. and the system is NOT auto logging me out.

We’ve all been there. I do a lot of lurking myself.

I feel like the forum has become a close knit community for the regulars. It seems like we’re very civil now.


I agree, we still have a few toxic people that pop up their ugly head from the depths of who knows where every once in awhile, but it seems all of the normal guys have kind of figured everyone out and are more inclined to discuss different view points instead of open fire attacks on each other.

On the old forums people would just fuel the fire with those types of guys and not only promote bad behavior but reward it. I think here in this forum we ban together to combat it.


I miss the old forum format, but I do agree. I like that we’ve matured.


Maybe that’s it? This is an older crowd.


Well, chances are high we know who those regulars are… me being one of them and only 13 people more.



Forgot to add a meme :slight_smile: lol


I have to agree the old forum was a lot more toxic. It was nearly impossible to keep a topic on topic there. Players were a lot less willing to stay something about it too. I think what we have going right now is a lot more heathy as far as talking things out.


haven’t been a lot of interesting posts lately.