Forum new look poll 🤔

  • i like it
  • i don’t like it
  • keep the page the old way but with the new options
  • leave it like this,i’ll get use to it

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i like the old easy page.
i don’t like the highlight and then fade to regular to read stuff, hurts my eyes,makes me sick.

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I don’t like anything that disrupts my routine (change)…but whatever. I’ll get used to it.

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Looks like they got rid of the link to submit an idea form link too. lol

Another change for the worse. At least we don’t have to hide pictures for the benefit of phone users, like on the Russian forum. I posted my helicarriers there, and some 12 h later a moderator hid them all. When asked why, they cited that rule. But why not set pictures to automatically hide in the phone version of the forum, instead of nerfing the PC version? :upside_down_face: Unless the moderator lied, because I can’t edit that comment anymore. Really weird why they’d have to hide pictures instead of changing some code in the phone version.

And what’s this “undefined” bar below? It’s new! :heart_eyes:

i’ll get used to it. and i’ll enjoy the hunt as i learn about all y’all from the profile section :slight_smile:

I don’t like it, as every form I Have seen that goes to this look dies shortly after.

what a profound moment of self reflection, chapeau!

hilarious if true. they seem to be taking away community features step by step while calling it updates.

quote=“Omega616, post:5, topic:16544”]
Really weird why they’d have to hide pictures instead of changing some code in the phone version.

i dont know it for a fact but i dont think they do any coding on their forums. however i dont go to the russian one since theyre the enemy.

this forum they didnt even really set up with the integrated tools. someone here asked them to unlock some stuff but charlie said he cant and they couldnt be bothered.

If you go over to the gears there’s an option for spoilers:
This text will be hidden

I got yelled at that once too but I posted way more then a few pictures… I think it was some where in the 100s for wheel rim types for CK’s and other usage… To automate it for phone probably would take an additional coder for them… lol.

@mupppet42069 I kind of always suspected the link might have just led to a burn bin but seriously it’s nice to be able to submit something even if it doesn’t make it in.

Thanks, I use that option sometimes, but I didn’t know they would have such a rule on that forum. :upside_down_face: Well, to be precise, the moderator said it was a rule about hiding large pictures.

Still, coding automatic hiding of pictures shouldn’t be hard to do. Some forum engines should already have such features programmed. So at least we know they chose an engine without that (or they don’t know it has such a feature). It should be as easy as setting a resolution past which pictures will be automatically hidden in the phone version.

But if they disabled in-game chat scrolling with PgUp and PgDn (around a year ago), we probably can’t really expect them to keep the forum up-to-date with what has been in common use for many years.

This is the bottom of the barrel free open source forum software even if you suggest a good feature on the software site it might not make it in unless a larger user wants to add it. There are lots of other packages that work fine out of the box.

What surprises me more is they have no auto-integration with their main web page posts for news and development here.

Looks like the forum update is deleting multi posted messages too… If you type below a second quote it doesn’t show. Just tested it.

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@145971359 @6329169 can you report this as a forum bug? It’s cutting messages off with multiple quotes see post directly above.

Hello @63771550,
Bug forwarded, thanks :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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I LIKE the play button on the forum.

all the rest doesn’t really matter, I never used any of that stuff anyway.

The quote bug is particularly annoying though.

I like all the different shades of poo color. Very fitting.