Forums are new, but speed changes are still awful

Why just why did you do that? It doesn’t make any sense, people wanted higher speed limit than 120kmh. I love cars and i love my fast builds and i love them going as fast as possible. You made battles slower even on low ps. This is awful. At this point i will either have to fuse all my engines or just quit the game.

Why did you make such a mistake

Bring back harpy’s, blight’s and torero’s old speed! These are one of the worst changes this game has ever gotten.

Copied from the old (better imo) forum.

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I was sad when the changes were announced, but they don’t feel as drastic as I feared.
I mostly play light wheeled builds, and I usually don’t build right up to the mass limit, so maybe that’s why I’m not feeling the speed reduction so much (since I’m still faster than most of my enemies).
I also don’t play medium cabins very often, so I’m escaping the biggest speed nerfs.
I am very much enjoying how my slow and heavy builds are performing now actually. The armour buff has made a big difference with my heavy builds, and I’m not really noticing the speed nerf on them.

Overall I like that there’s a bigger difference between light and medium cabins now, but I would be happier if every cabin were 5kph faster.
I will be very happy if they introduce some legendary engines for some really fast cars (or really big tanks)