Four Horsemen purchase SCAM

I purchased the Four Horsemen package and only got 3 packs. I had previously (3 years ago!) purchased the Pestilence package, but knowing that I was going to purchase the four horsemen pack, I sold my blight cabin to market for resources funds to craft items. Was my purchase less than the full pack price. NO. You have taken my money happily, yet not provided what you advertised at the full price - no reimbursement, no pro-rated lesser payment.

Here are the details from the email you thanked me for my money:

Transaction number № 141224743
“Horsemen of Apocalypse” Bundle
84.77 € VAT included (where applicable)
2023-08-15 00:17 G2S EUR

FIX IT! Please.

Edited after cooling down and reporting to support as directed.

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Hello, I’m sorry to hear that. You need to contact support at



if that’s what you paid then, yes, you got a discount. That pack is 100-109 bucks. From the 15 dollar discount it looks like that pack you bought was on sale at the time for 15 bucks.

That was never the problem. I paid for items I did not get, nor did I get any compensation. What was advertised was paid for yet incomplete. That is the issue and solely my concern. Yes, it was a discount bundle. Obviously.

Steam shows what you’ve already purchased, therefore not getting it again.

No, they did not. You got a discount on the bundle for every separate pack you’ve purchased before. It was displayed when you purchased it.

Although this is the topic about packs, I can agreed on some other aspects of this game… those might be called what you’ve said.

I have done so. Thank you Charlie9204

You may pick at it all you want, however MANY other packs are sold at similar discounts without this issue. Nothing in the advertised package warned that it would ONLY be for three packs in the bundle, not four. Therefore the displayed discount is no excuse, neither is the purchase of a pack as I have seen many packs still available for multiple purchases! I stand correct.

This is a bundle we’re talking about, not a pack.

“Horsemen of Apocalypse” Bundle
Please note that the full price of the bundle will depend on whether you have previously purchased some of the included packs separately. In that case, the price of such items will be deducted.


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Someone spent 100 bucks without reading anything < ’ >_< ’ >

Your not going to find your answer here.

The forum Mod already gave you the answer you need, it’s just not the answer you want.

None of us can help.

my bad, shutting up.