Foxy Secrets - a disappointment!

I was wondering what the point is getting Foxy Secrets as a beginner, as you can only use 25 percent of the rewards.

It makes no sense you get a blueprint; you are nowhere near to be able to craft!? It’s just silly

A warning would be appropriate when you are about to purchase it, the least. But better would be, if you got some items, you could actually use for crafting or selling.

It’s a pity because it’s such a great game!


I personally thought the fused Griffon alone was worth it.

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I’ve been playing for a few years… I now will not buy any battle pass until the last few days of the season for it. This way, I know exactly what I’ll actually be getting.

The current set-up is apparently for them to have a huge and long battlepass with “mini-battlepasses” within them. Foxy’s Nonsense is one of the mini-battlepasses. Generally, I have found the minis to not be worth the effort while the full battlepasses are. That’s for me & how I play, of course. Your mileage may vary.

Foxy’s secret, more like Foxy’s scam lmaooooooooooo

But yeah needing fused trombones to craft anything, that you can’t craft with fused guardians like one would expect from these mini battlepasses was all the information I needed on this brain fart. They just threw the trombones in just to milk more money out of the players, at least in the past all the stuff you needed to craft needed parts that were acquirable through the mini battle pass, but now it’s just a big “f you” to everyone go buy crosscrowns go buy trombones

effin stupid

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The first 2 battlepasses were the only ones worth to be called battlepasses.

The rest have been cheap cashgrabs with some decent items.
They are trying to impose an artificial scarcity of items by not allowing Battlepass items to be crafted after its over for those who bought it.
Then sell the bluerprints in a limited battlepass forcing the players to craft things they may not even want at the time because later they might be again too expensive to buy.

And thats pretty much a good way to help kill your market, which is mostly what is happening for around 2 years in this game.