Foxy Secrets event Omamori Blueprint

Hello i was wondering if the omamori blueprint from foxy secrets is lifetime or it disappear after event.

And if you get the blueprint from foxy event can you craft the omamori without the foxy crafting page ?

The foxy crafting page ask for fused treshers etc.
While crossout db show the omamori crafting ask for Barrier IX, Neutrino, Doppler. I want to craft it this way, is that possible ?

That one.


Omamori is a P2W item. You only get to craft it in limited events (so far) with DIFFERENT recipes each time. Generally the recipe has used event only items for at least one part of the recipe.

So if you don’t get it now, you may have to wait a couple events to craft it again.

P2W item.

Addendum: today the miniBP challenges yield 350+350 instead of 1100+350. It is possible that regular pleb won’t receive the temporary Omamori blueprint in time, without purchasing additional levels.

But it could be a mistake so tomorrow it’s probably going back to normal.