[FR] Mode Radiance impossible

Ce mode de jeu a un problème d’équilibrage. il est bien conçue en soit, c’est juste qu’il est pas conçue pour 12 inconnues qui n’ont aucune cohésion, tu a les joueurs qui vont camper loin derrière, les joueurs qui rush comme si leur mère avait crier a table et les joueur qui se retrouve plus ou moins entre ces deux groupe.

le groupe du milieu se fait contaminé car les ravageurs leurs spawn dans les portière, ce qui une plus grosse boule de ravager qui va foncer sur les joueurs tout au fond qui se prennent pour un barrage militaire. mais qui meurt en 30 secondes. et du coup tu a 9 joueurs qui rush les 3 restant qui passe leurs partie a lécher des portes.

ce qui fait que sur les trés rare partie ou l’ont franchie les porte on se retrouve a 1-4 joueurs a mourir sur le lac voir avant. et plus commun dans les rare cas, un seul joueur qui meurt devant la dernière porte.

mais ça, c’est avant la Mise a jours. car maintenant tu a un “timer” invisible qui décide de te tuer quand tu traine un peut. pas un peut trop. juste un peut.

ce qui fait que moi, qui ait jouer legit minigun sur roues, mais ça marche pas,je suis passer en hover spark avec king, je peut tenir un spawn a moi seul, donc je fait surtout de la protection de team en couvrant les spawn, bah j’ai plus le temps de courir a l’étape suivante car je meurt.

car vue qu’on est solo, personne ne pense a ping les porte ouvertes, ou les ravagers. alors ça serrait vraiment sympas si les Devs pouvais rendre l’ouverture de porte plus bruyant, mettre une alarme pour le timer, voir une tempête de neige, je sais pas moi, mais autre chose qu’un truc qui me tue alors que je chercher a jouer le jeux, je ne farme pas les ravager, je cherche pas a trainer derriere, juste que qu’avec mon build je peut retenir les spawn qui en temps normal font 1a 3 infecté. ce qui en fin de game n’est pas rien.

je me retrouve a forcé comme un goret sur ce mode que j’aime beaucoup mais qui est a la limite de l’impossible. mais pour le coup, c’est de la faute a la communauté qui essias de bai**er le jeu a camper, a rusher a fond ect … les devs on due bricoler un truc mais au final ça punie plus les bon joueurs…


This game mode has a balancing issue. it’s well designed in itself, it’s just that it’s not designed for 12 strangers who have no cohesion, you have the players who go camping far behind, the players who rush as if their mother had shouted at the table and the player who finds himself more or less between these two groups.

the middle group is contaminated because the pests spawn in their doors, which creates a bigger ball of pests that will crash into the players at the very back who think they are a military barrage. but who dies in 30 seconds. and suddenly you have 9 players who rush the remaining 3 who spend their game licking doors.

which means that on the very rare part where you have crossed the door, you find yourself with 1-4 players dying on the lake, see before. and more common in the rare case, a single player dying outside the last gate.

but that is before the update. because now you have an invisible “timer” that decides to kill you when you hang around. not a bit too much. just a little bit.

which means that I, who played legit minigun on wheels, but it doesn’t work, I went to hover spark with king, I can hold a spawn on my own, so I mainly do team protection by covering the spawns , well I don’t have time to run to the next stage because I’m dying.

because since we are solo, no one thinks of pinging open doors, or ravaging them. so it would be really nice if the Devs could make the door opening louder, set an alarm for the timer, see a snowstorm, I don’t know, but something other than something that kills me while I’m looking to play the game, I don’t farm to ravage them, I don’t try to hang behind, just that with my build I can retain the spawns which in normal times are 1 to 3 infected. which at the end of the game is not nothing.

I find myself forced like a pig on this mode that I like a lot but which is at the limit of the impossible. but for once, it’s the fault of the community who try to fuck the game to camp, to rush to the bottom ect… the devs had to tinker with something but in the end it punishes the good players more…

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*note–just do the dailies,it’s not anything but that… :crazy_face:


1 - run
2 - run
3- run
what more can i say to you?

  • stick with the bulge of your team mates
    this is for most between checkpoints, while we are waiting for the gates to open it’s a pitch battle.
    Don’t be lagging behind or around.
    keep your attention to the gates.
    don’t let yourself fall behind to the ravagers spawn moments, that is when the all thing goes to shit.
    during the choke points keep a cool head.
    a ravager kill gives 10 points, the checkpoints is all that matter.

As a ravager i was surprised to see how inaccurate and thin the suppressing fire provided by the former team mates between the checkpoints really is(if we exclude retchers, sparks/flashes and hovers).
If they don’t mess up, normally, our builds are faster than theirs, but theirs have more acceleration
So, general speaking, they are not reliable for protection, be pro active.
that timer reduced the time a ravager takes to spawn in the same area than we.
If we don’t kill a Ravager, unless is absolute necessary, it will delay their reproduction, they will have to travel more.
We have to be civil in the choke points, and confident in our weapons and skills, whenever it’s possible help your team mates.
that will cutdown the chances of "working " for the Ravagers.
Too many times a team is full, all is going well…and then… in a heartbeat… all gone to shit.

Bring fast builds, organize according to the max speed and respect that.
Get out of the way, let him pass, if you are slower.
Don’t bring tracks, bigrams or heavy armour. I’ve seen builds with poor handling, don’t brig that too.

Specially for hovers
protect your hovers with light armour i’ve seen enough blowing up or be crippled without hope of saving.

This is just an example.
this is my PVP build i’m using in this event (back to back)

This is what happened to be better in the event (it is the same build, with improved handling and other stuff.

In 95% of the games it’s enough to get to the end without losing modules and exploding things.

FFS, i strongly recommend that you all do the same.
don’t show up in PVP or PVE builds. Please

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The thing I would say about this ravager game mode is for some reason it gets laggy on me when I’m consistently doing well but never does when I’m playing poopy be it survivor or ravager

Happen to me as well, sometimes the FPS or something goes down a bit for a while.

As a ravager, for a few times i could get two kills in a single go, twice i got four in a single go before i got destroyed.
There are days that we can’t get through the first gate, passing the third gate (the one with the towers) is rare.
People using heavy armour and being top heavy, others using wide builds, not suited for the choke points.
People panicking in the wrong places…
And a lot of other things, but what gets me really hard, are those who stay behind and make last stands.
they are removing themselves from the equation due to timing and they can be easily overrun.
Meanwhile, there presence is required at the front, at the gates.
The third gate it’s doable with 5 or 6 team mates but if three of those 5 or 6 are still way back, it’s game over.
the 2 or 3 at the front can’t do much alone, specially, against the hordes of ravagers coming out of the spawn .
Even if the gate second gate doesn’t open, that guy, or 2 guys at the front will be easily overrun by the other team that will diverge to them first.
while the remaining team mates at the back are sitting on their hands doing 0.

And those who let be caught by the first two ravagers?

That usually hurts me more than drops in FPS.

Without false modesty i can say, by this time i’m an expert till the third gate, racing wise.

Cry me Le River.

I have stopped believing in wheeled machine guns as a viable build for the mode. You can only shoot what is in front of you, and wheels are slow to back up. That means that wheeled builds are easily rushed when they sit still.

Small tracks or Omnis do 100 kph with a Golden Eagle. I highly recommend using those with machine guns as you can back away from what you are hitting. Or, use Icarus VII.

Wheeled builds are great for automatic aiming guns such as Caucasus (A very strong weapon for the mode), Yaogaui, Jubokko and Falcon/Owl drones as well as Kings and Kapkans.

The way that Radiance works is that there is a balance of power in favor of the Ravagers. It shifts to neutral when there are 2.5 meta builds and it shifts to survivors when there are 3 or more meta setups.

A meta vehicle can drive at least 95 kph,
Can drive backwards very quickly or never sits still,
Can stop large amounts of Ravagers either by destroying them or crippling them

The meta items in order of effect on shifting the balance of power
1 Kapkan
2. King
3. Flash/Spark
4. Caucasus (These are drones that never run out of ammo or have reloading issues)
5. Yaogaui
6. Jubokko
7. Machine gun/Destructor/Autocannon on an Icarus VII build that reaches 95 kph.

Flash/Sparks and Machine guns or Auto Cannons have to be on a fast Icarus VII hover build to be effective. I recommend a light legendary cab or a Beholder, a Cheetah and 5 Icarus VII hovers. Catalina, especially a power fused one works great as well.

Whenever there are 3 meta builds together, there will be a run deep into the map, and accidents do happen. The most difficult part of the mode is the third gate, as Ravagers spawn on all sides, and you have to shoot the towers to make the gate drop. One strong build can make it to the third gate but can never pass it. If four survivors make the third gate, then there are excellent chances for completing the course. This is especially true since the update as the last gate now only has a 30 second timer.

If you are having trouble with the mode, I strongly recommend the Yaogaui or the Caucasus. These are game changing weapons for Radiance and they aren’t overly expensive. If you don’t have a meta build or near it, the game mode can be nearly impossible.