Frame Weight Choices

I can save 400kg in weight on a build by replacing all frames with light frames. I have a few questions.

If the builds acceleration remains about the same should i then use some more armor with the extra 400kg i have since it doesn’t seem to effect acceleration on the build?

When would u pick certain frame weight type over adding armor weight instead?

Im assuming light frames are solely used only to get more zippy but always less durable is the trade off…right?

Does extra armor around frames balance it out or is it more preferable to always use heavy frames when you can?

Should a melee build ever be light framed and how do frames react to fire puddles?


See for yourself. I use heavy frames in places I predict to be attacked the most. So it’s better to combine different frames or use only light to save the weight.


I ran all lite frames and added 200 more hp in armor and i like it! Seems to handle better for my tusk build and that zippiness gets better with each piece of armor shot off.
You cant lose weight in battle from frames being missing without heavier consequences so i think im gonna run these lite frames with more armor for a bit and see how it does. :+1:

That one doesn’t require any heavy frames. Only stealth module and enough armour to have some durability. Boosters should help, too.

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I use light frames most of the time, but if I’m using a 1x4/6/8 piece somewhere important I might swap in a heavy frame for those parts.
And with some heavy tanks, I might use a couple bigger heavy frames for the main attachment point, as heavy builds are more likely to get caught in fire puddles.


Just a little observation you’re all probably aware of…

a 1x8 heavy frame has all the same stats ofa 2x8 light frame, but in a smaller form.

So, you have a smaller target with the same durability.

If I’m starting a build from scratch, I start with heavy frames and build the whole thing. When I’m done, I’ll typically swap out most or all of the heavies with lights as the build dictates. I rarely will leave a movement part connected to a single piece of frame, though. For example, if a wheel is mounted to ONE 2x4 heavy frame, if part count allows, I’ll swap that out with TWO 1x4 lights. :man_shrugging:

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Go lighter on frames and you can go heavier with armor to reduce PS. Use lighter frames and they work better as spaced armor.

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