Free easy wallhack in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Equip a radar that can detect enemies in cover, like maxwell or doppler.

Step 2: Bind a button to Marker: Attack! in keybinds

Step 3: Have a clear line of sight to your enemy and press your marker button. now they have a marker on them that does not go away when they go behind cover.


SHHHHHHH DON’T TELL THEM I think the Tin Hadron King Scorps still did not notice and are wondering why they get smacked by Kaiju volleys the moment they try to peek :eyes:

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Well this sh!t has been possible since they changed the voice menu, i think its time more people benefit from it.



It doesnt just reveal them for you either. Other players with no radar at all can join in on your marker and see them behind cover just like you.

Its not a mechanic im happy about. I think it needs to be removed.


there is a topic on this that i seen…but it’s good to see it a again with more info…


I was using this during the copter event, but hadn’t shorcutted a key. I need to do that…

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