Free to Play Psychology & CrossOut

Look up their history… From where I’m sitting, I don’t think they’ve changed much. I’ve been instructed which pockets I should line if I “want the good work” and learned who is untouchable.

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now that i am thinking about it, I think they bought him his own truck or something and the steering wheel was out of that truck.
this is back in the early 80’s or late 70’s.

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I’m saying XO is a bad Lego-ish example.

I don’t know how you got that out of my words but stop imagining things.

I’m a very literal person, and I got that you were being metaphorical in saying Crossout is a bad version of legos, less-than. I got that. I’m just messing with how you chose to word it by using a neutral word (neutered) to try and describe something negatively. No imagination needed.

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It is neutral. My post is a fact statement. It doesn’t have to be negative, as you imagined.

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It’s okay to misunderstand each other.

Don’t take it as an insult, but a chance for clarification. :innocent:


I had to dig this post up…

They removed the need to play PVE to do the dailies.
Is PVE on its way out?

If so, I’ll probably just quit playing altogether. It’s easily 1/2 the matches I play, now. My fave builds are shotgun builds, and if I go PVP with them, I’m literally always one of the weakest 2 players.

Your comment now has an ominous aire to it.


lol they can’t figure out how to make them not boring for players… I have a feeling this has more to do with making it easier to get the 40 dailies than it does getting rid of PVE. I remember when I use to not raid it was spotty if ever that I get that reward.

I actually really dig the PVE in the game, It’s fun for me to try to remember each bots weak spots across each PS and then try to figure out faster ways of dispatching them. The awakening area could be a lot of fun too if they just invested some effort into it.


Everything you need to know:

Every part, you really need is available for everyone.

Crossout is just a pay to skip game


Welcome to the forum.

Someone else on here called it pay for variety. I like that, too.


I know a few parts that aren’t available for everyone. Sideboosters, some old types of fusions, and premium stickers (Twitch Prime and whatnot).

pay to skip what… 4000 hours of intensive grind for a relic? Oh but it’s not a god-roll fused one? That makes it fall in 3 scorps shots vs the fused one’s 4? It doesn’t instapop Punishers like the fused one? That’s very sad :eyes:


Yes… Pay to skip that grind.

He said everything you really need is available to every player. That’s not to say EVERYTHING is READILY free. You can grind for almost everything in the game. And yes, I am very well aware of some of the things you cannot get anymore. But, if you want to pay to skip ahead to the higher tier play, you can pay to do that.

So, pay to skip.

It’s clearly not pay to win since it’s not hard to find people with Relic builds who are getting schooled by idiots like me with blue weapons.

I am pretty sure anyone with a relic that sucks so bad I can beat them paid to get that Relic. If they were grinding to get it, there’s no way I would be good enough to take them out.


Pay 2 win does not mean 100% win. It means that you can buy power for real money. You even sayin this youself between the lines -He should not lose to me with those items he brought- aka his more powerfull then you coz he paid.

“Look I gave my dog my laptop and it lost so this game is not p2w” so no game is p2w thats the argument?

What you use to grind a relic has nothing to do with the relic’s playstyle. I used Porcs to grind Scorpions.
Do you think I could hit anything with Scorps with regularity when I first played them?
Would you have considered me a Pay to skip player based off that performance, even though at that point I had paid zero dollars to them?

I stand by “Pay for Variety”. There isn’t anything in this game you can purchase that gives you a direct advantage over a non paying player that has farmed the same build. Do not confuse how much time someone spent farming with an actual advantage in a pvp match.

Yup they could have everything upgraded on their build, but so can you.

You are not buying “Premium ammo” that penetrates farther or has a bigger explosion etc.


Let me explain it a little better…

You cannot PAY to get better weapons than what people are getting for free. Plus, if you pay to get better weapons, because of the powerscore balancing - flawed as it is - you’ll generally be using your better weapons against people with equally better weapons. That’s the core of why it’s not pay to win. It’s pay for variety as @80196194 Patents Pending says or pay to skip the grind… whatever floats your boat.

The only way around this is to min-max your build… meaning you put really powerful weapons on an otherwise stripped down build. So, you have a top tier gun mounted on bottom tier everything else.

But, you can do that pretty early in the game by grinding to epic weapons.

I know I’ve seen paying players out there min-maxing to play against my sledgehammer build & I’ve managed to waste them fairly easily (when you see late stage battle pass items the 2nd week of the event, there’s no denying someone dumped plenty of cash). So, even a paying player who is out there min-maxing can’t be “paying to win.” I laughably call it “pay to lose,” because that’s what they’re doing.

Pay to win to me means you can pay to get items non-paying players can’t get… items that give you a decisive advantage in game.

Sorry… that simply doesn’t exist in CrossOut.

Even the “god-fused” battle pass parts don’t qualify, even though they do give an advantage. No one is out there seal-clubbing other folks because their Beholder is 17% lighter & has 20% more power. :man_shrugging:

Literally it’s pay to advance. Or, how Clebard put it, pay-to-skip (the grinding). It’s literally the core of the game. It’s a vampire, but it either sucks cash or time (sometimes both).


I never can understand this logic. It’s like people saying “I got fat because I ate potato chips” when in reality “no, I got fat because I bought potato chips” because that is when you actually made the decision to eat them.

Am I playing a game? Yes. I have already decided to “spend time” at that point no matter what game I insert, paid for or not.

Also, people speak of time like they can “keep it for something else”… reach in your pocket and show me all this time saved.

The cash part, I totally agree with it. What a sexy thing it is lol. Sucked me quite a bit.

I never said anything like that. I’m looking at it from the evaluation point. And the problem is that the major part of the game is PvP. Take PvP out of the game and what’s left? Raids and Awakening.

So, in order for people to have artificial-placebo-incentive to stay, devs cut the rewards from PvP in order to make hooked addicts to play it more. I remember times when it was twice as much as it is now — both PvP and raids.

This was caused by lack of meaningful content, such as good storyline and other activities. Regular PvP, PvP events, garage with limited crafting. What else do you have here? Nothing significant.

And this is why this game sucks time out. From addicts. Since they can’t get enough, they keep getting their 15 scrap metal each fight “just to fuse this one thing and tomorrow I’m done with it mom I swear don’t kick me out of the house”.

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