No more Lighters, Please

This game already had too many resources and currencies, then they added ‘intelligence.’
Now we have ‘lighters’, a premium paid-only resource (and no, getting a measly 150 out of an entire season for free doesn’t count.)
Stop adding more resources to a game that is already bursting at the seams with them… Please.

For those of you not keeping count:
Scrap metal
Engineer Badges
Shell casings



The reason they do this is to obfuscate the values of in-game objects so you have a hard time properly calculating what things cost with real cash.

It’s obnoxious behavior& inherently dishonest.

There’s a bit more on this nonsense here:

I have no idea why it included that bit of text in the link.

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I started when it was just scrap, copper. fuel and coupons, uranium but you also use to get white parts if you won in PVP. they took that away long ago, as for the intelligence resource I don’t see the issue, leveling up co-drivers is practically free now, unlike before you could have brought multiple legendaries just for maxing one co-driver (lvl 15)
The devs already stated that the castings and coupons are being removed from the game, thus why you can’t get them like before.
As for the temporary event resources like crackers, lighters, pumpkin shaped coins, I see only one real issue with them as they’re temporary, the issue I am referring to is when they made event resources untradable as that was done to get more people to play the events, which I don’t like cause, not everyone wants to play every event though they may want to craft stuff from it.
I also agree that CrossCrowns were unnecessary as gold was just fine, but moves like adding CrossCrowns are why many players call the devs greedy!
I see no reason to complain about engineer badges as they’re basically free resources just for playing the game (doing daily/weekly challenges )
And for fuel, I do find it silly having to play one game mode to get resources to play another but that’s how its been for years, also needing certain parts, them surviving and you winning the match to get fuel I also find silly a bit too hard if you want to grind for fuel, but grinding for fuel isn’t a necessity as you get 200 fuel every day.
Electronics was a resource before I started to play, wires, batteries, and plastic are the resources I think they just added to make it more grindy and more expensive to craft stuff.
Same with introducing the special rarity to the game as before it was gray (beginner parts) White common parts, blue rare parts, purple epic parts, yellow legendary parts, and finally orangish relic parts.

I’m just grateful they took away the mechanic of having to sell your structure parts after a bit as their HP slowly degraded, and yes structure parts where tradable up until a bit before I started to play this game.


If it’s not lighters, they’ll find some other way to try to milk money out of people. By now it’s no longer a question it’s a fact

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I don’t remember this ever. I believe April will be my 5th year playing. Perhaps this was PC only during the first months after launch in 2017?

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Closed Beta: April 5, 2016, Open Beta: May 30, 2017
That was the time frame, it was a closed beta feature but when they started open beta that feature was scrapped, the only reason I knew about it was I ran into a lot of close beta players, and most of them liked the change. Though I haven’t seen them in a long while so they probably aren’t even playing anymore

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I did hesitate to add coupons and casings to the list, but they’re still required for some crafting so they’re included. Luckily I missed out on the HP degradation of parts. I think I started playing just after they removed weapon degradation but never knew structure parts did that too.

Yes, I am very well-versed in the manipulative and shady mechanics used in f2p games. This is one of the many, many, many, many very, very, very, very, very, very unfortunate downsides of being a f2p games. I would’ve paid $30-$40 for this game if it meant I wouldn’t have to deal with the bullcrap f2p mechanics and schemes. Until a better vehicular combat game shows up on the market, I guess I’m stuck here.

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I think lighters are excellent because they allow you to get what you want out of a very desirable crafting table of fused items. I wish the past seasons had this option. If you play all of this BP, you will have some 1400 lighters to make something with. This is an excellent deal for $10. Also, I don’t think $10 is too unreasonable of a price for new content.

Yup, structure parts were tradable, even after open beta there was still a structure part section logo in the market, but that was taken out of the market a while ago, think maybe 7 or 8 updates ago, I know it was there for some of the 1.1 updates.

Well, it should have never been a question for anyone. Everyone making a game is going to try to maximize profit out of that game. Actually, that applies to every company everywhere… even in communist countries. The only issue I have is when they try to make a profit dishonestly. That, my man, is what CrossCrowns are.

My brother, you’re falling for a standard free to play manipulation.

Read through at least the 1st post in this thread, if not the whole thing. Then, feel free to do your own research into the subject.

I don’t mean to “talk down to you” or anything like that. I just want what’s best for YOU as an individual. Once you see how this monster works, and learn to play with said monster, it can become much more enjoyable and… well… less expensive. Take care…

The link…
Free to Play Psychology & CrossOut - Discussion - Crossout

Preach it Roo, preach it to the Crossout choir!

Once they started introducing the batteries, and plastic as resources I was like oh cheezus I know what you’re doing Targem/Gaijin

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I think I have a bit of PTSD from the era when the battles were things like “get the machine gun”, and the reward was random. Playing over and over, hoping to finally get the common item I needed to craft a rare item.
That wasn’t fun, but thankfully the game itself was fun enough to keep me playing.

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Yeah I think you could get chords, fuel barrel, and tires not sure what else