Freeze effect

nerf freeze effect it eats frames and you cant do nothing to prevent it

That’s… kinda the point.


and my point is that fire is now useless compared to ice
and also narwhals just not caring about shoot through parts

How to: sell the new items

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Everyone was completely the cryo effect didn’t do much. Now it does.
I don’t see what the problem is.
It was a good indirect nerf to spaced armour, and seems like it is having the intended effect.

how does freeze affect spaced armor?
ice slows you down and eats your frames directly while fire just does damage and heats you up and has an infinitely more suitable shape for pvp

Like you said, ears up your frames and pass through parts, which are usually what is holding spaced armour builds together.

frames are what usually holds up hovers and if you can eat them in seconds you dont even need to try to fumble with the actual armor or shooting off hovers themselves.
also, is there some issue with spaced armor builds im not aware of? do we need to counter them?

I’m sorry, are you new or something?

Spaced armour has been one of the biggest complaints for years, especially on hovers.
Basically, you’ve been playing what was the most OP build, but over the last year a bunch of changes have been made to make it less OP and allow other build approaches to be more viable against spaced armour hovers.

so there were updates that changed the core mechanics of armor to make spaced armor ineffective, in what way is that related to ice weapons?

As I said earlier, cryo weapons are particularly effective against spaced armour because spaced armour relies heavily on pass through parts to hold everything together and block projectiles without adding too much mass.
As you pointed out, cryo weapons eat through pass through parts more easily.

Does that make more sense to you?

i dont see why youre mentioning spaced armor. what does it have to do with ice bypassing shoot through parts and being too effective

Only with the Jotun. None of the other’s do that.

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How to sell a new item

By noobs.

same guys who reworked the energy consumption, for what?

to us being able to put an oculus?

How about making the oculus ( i think nobody uses it) free of energy?
a simpler solution. Don’t you think?

And for what i want to put an oculus?
to be able to “see” from where the invisible threat is coming?

I mean, they are the ones doing the things, are they giving up balancing, leaving to us the balancing.

here take some tools, the rest is up to you, is that it?


I’m not feeling particularly the freezing bite, but i do feel the burning sensation a lot more since i used to run SGs to now.

1- i prefer cold to hot weather
2- dying from freeze bite it’s way nicer than to be burnt alive .

Autumn arrived in Crossout, out of season i grant you that… this crazy weather…

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that was an hidden nerf, the nerf (supposedly was to melee) but armour got affected by it ( don’t ask me why or how).
About spaced armour i don’t know and i don’t care.
But good old fashion thick steel also got affected.