* from August 8,to August 11 Removal of upgrades from weapons 😘

Removal of upgrades from weapons

Hello, survivors!

The last week of summer upgrades specials has already started! Only from August 8, 12:00 GMT, to August 11, 11:59 GMT, you can remove the upgrades from your weapons and receive the same tradable part in return!

Please, pay attention that not all parts participate in these summer upgrades specials:

  • For the “upgrade removal” specials you can not use those that are part of the “Road to Singularity” season and “Foxy’s secrets” event (either new parts or those produced on the workbench of the season / event).
  • In all the “upgrade” specials you can’t use parts that are included in reward scales of: “Road to Singularity” season, “Polar lights” season and “Foxy’s secrets” event. Parts that are present on workbenches of both “Road to Singularity” season and “Foxy’s secrets” events also do not participate in these specials.

Ugg. Not even considering this. Ever.

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but we can buy n sell and craft stabilizers.

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Whopee I guess
This could be cool if removing upgrades was actually doable rather than 15 stabilizers per item no coins 4u huehue

What’s the point in removing an upgrade if you loose money by doing it? Do the people in charge of this game do anything else than walk around with their head up their behinds, let alone god forbid play or know anything of their own game?

Lets see the point of this event:

Your acquired stabilizers become tradeable. Which means they have a value.
Their value is usually close to the sell value of the item they will be used for.

The minimum used weapons to make every said fused weapon (now its called upgraded,because the word does not imply the resources you used to achieve it) is 2.

Yes, we got some weapons “free” from battlepasses, and some of them might be from lighter resource trade but its unimportant because simply you need stabilizers to un-fuse the weapon, and stabilisers have a value, which means you are spending value to get value…
And given the fact that you need a lot of stabilizers to do anything and as it is natural the part of the market that remains free is determining their value pretty close to the actual items you will un-fuse.

All that to get what? A weapon which you will be able to sell for almost the same amount you bought the stabilizers for, or a weapon you may use in another fusion.
For the economic rookies, even if you only use stabilizers that you got from leveling, you are still losing the money you would get from selling them.

So, summing up, this event is at its very best a zero sum game.

Why not get 2 items from un-fusion? Stabilizers would cost more so the game would be again zero sum, but at least the players would actually get something more back to make their life easier when they refuse them.

But maybe the market will flood with items! Like i said, it would be idiotic to un-fuse for sell because you lose the value of stabilizers in the first place.

Also, for the very few items that un-fusing might be actually worth something, like it was for a legendary autocannon a while back, who cares? Worst thing that happened then was the first people that sold it go a lot of gold but after a day or so the gun was at an almost normal price for everyone to buy…So unless you unfused AND SOLD IT within the first few hours, tough luck.

So what is the purpose of this event? None, really, just to make you feel that the stabilizers you get from leveling are worth something, or if you are desperate enough to accept that kind of deal as described above.

I have a lot of items i could un-fuse but i dont see any other reason other than selling my stabilizers, its better to keep them in case they get buffed.

Did these events came from the same brilliant minds that brought us the forced brawl that ended a couple of days ago? Seems like it.

PS: Since now you got rid of space armor and with the recent buffs and ners, gerrida releace etc, we finally seem to be having something very close to a decent game in our hands… Isnt it about time those tactics that resemble scammy mobile phone games get abolished once and for all?

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I’m considering unfusing my BP gremlin, as it seemed that mixing it with my four unfused ones screwed up the rhythm of the Huginn perk.
However, I need to double check that. It looked like it was alternating between a single charge and the full triple charge, depending on which guns fired first, but I should confirm that before unfusing.

That’s indeed what happens, you lose 2 charges on the cooling of one gun. But honestly, the fusion probably makes up for the difference anyway.

Trying to refuse for % damage instead of overheating/cooling would probably be the same price, and give better results. Slap 2 epic stabs on it, 50% chances to roll the thing you want.

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Where do we access this thing? I didn’t notice it anywhere in-game earlier, but I also wasn’t looking very hard.

Right click what you want to downgrade & it’s in the drop-down menu.

I might be interested if I got two of the item, just like it originally cost me. I’m not interested enough in stabilizers to fool with this.

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I bought 15 legendary stabilizers for 63 coins a piece last defusion event, as no one was needing them b.c it was a hardware defusion. I used that 945 coins to defuse my BP Heather and quicksold it for 5600, netting me 4095 coins.

Point being, theres money to be made, definitely not “zero-sum”

The whole idea is that someone is going to use every resource available in the current prices.

I am not a magician to guess an opportunity that might have presented itself in another event sometime ago that may help make more gold in this one.

What i mean by that, yours is a smartass answer. Plus i pretty much even stated exceptions when i mentioned the autocannon.

So what is the essense of your answer, appart from the smartassery, that the event is good?

That it is not an event trying to solve a problem themselves created after blocking battlepass items from craft even for those who paid for the battlepass, after it ended?

Newton forbid we empower the player that paid for the BP and allow him/her to have the slight proviledge to forever craft the items he/she paid to have access to!

Nonono, its far better to fill their inventories with mostly useless limited crafting bluerprints that they will be forced to keep (because essentialy they paid for them) and give them events that every now and then allow them to trade the items they paid for at a loss!

While they are finally on a good track balancing the game after 1 year of complete crap, the way the battlepasses work is hideous and events like this one dont really say much.