From PC to Xbox

Well…soon after I have paid the last battlepass. My PC had the same error that I had nearly 2 years. Only this time I am not sending it back for repair as they can’t pinpoint what is the real issue.
It had been in the workshop for 7-8 times and I had been blamed on every steps. First it was the USB drive, then SATA drive, then the way I used it and then it was softwares, and after all that it was the websits(//)…

Until I am able to have a fully functioning PC again, my gaming would be all on xbox now.
I got a cheap xbox one which able me to run some old xbox 360 games. All good for my mass hack and slay games.

Crossout however, will take me sometime to get use to. Only a few games and I am at level 4 on day one. That was without trying hard. It would be nice for me if xbox crossout support keybroad and mouse. Some game are more enjoyable with k&m.

I don’t have long wait so far, maybe because I am still facing bots and not in a long queue system yet.
I have no choice but to use WIFI connection for gaming. No lags or being kick yet.

Compare XO to another free to play game WOWS, the number of human players seem to the the same on both game.

I won’t be doing what I did on PC few years back to spend 4 hours and more on XO per day.
I am unsure if I will stay as free to play or I will spend a little real money on to the Xbox side.

If the xbox market still has this high coins cost for goods, I do not think I will need to use any real money…lets us see.

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Its not the same, xo has very small playerbase compare to wows and wows is much better game to play where you doesent feel robbed everytime.

I think playstation was better choice ,more players smaller market prices and also you can use m/k


I have started with xbox many years back until someone stolen my 360, xbox, dreamcast, playstaion and, all my games few years back… I just didn’t had a chance to replace it(them) :laughing:

As for WOT and WOWS… I came from those games long before XO. I know about wargaming and issues I had with them. Lets say a few years back, they have so much income and they did NOT need to have customer care.

ps…XO, WOT and WOWS are all free to play. On xbox, I very much think I am not going to pay into any of them. I am writing and comparing them on free to play point of view.

Make sure you experiment with the controller layouts to find what works best for you. I use one of the two race modes.
Over time, you may come to enjoy driving using a controller. Aiming is harder, but driving is more fun.

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I had a xbox controller for my PC for years. I didn’t get on with it, but now I don’t have a choice. Thx for the tips. I can see the driving is not hard to get use to, but aiming is hard. On PC I am more of MGs fast build player, I will have to learn play differently on xbox.

Using a M&k on console is the ultimate sin. An unreplicateable advantage, while also having aim assist. Truly the scummiest of scum moves. Sorry, it’s just the truth.

Not all game support them. It is what we get used to in life for things we do, no? The only app for me to use k&m is google so far. PC and consoles both have pros and cons. PC games support game pad, but not all console games support k&m. They are all being use for the same things. Even on mobile phones are getting closer to the same. Why, do we need so many different items for the same goals? There are number of add on for game pads to be used on mobile phones. And I have played number of mobile games on PC.

Sorry, I do not take sides on PC or console!

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