Really frustrating to play on ps 8000. When newcomers experience this, I’m not surprised that there are few regular players.



Not sure what we are suppose to be looking at here?

A poorly built bot?

If that is it, then yes I agree. All bots should be made better.

Yeah, bots can be a pain in the ass, there are always a select few that are overall annoying due to the builds coupled with the absolute aimbot

Luckily they can be easy to kill as well, stripping bots should be the main priority if anyone ever sees any rather than letting them move around

I find it very funny that they have to slap their super epic super expensive super exclusive superduperhyper hard to craft mega legendary on an 8000 PS build and give it super aimbot in a desperate attempt to make it seem cooler than it is.

If it was not for the artificial price boosting of the Athena due to scarcity it would not be the most expensive legendary around because quite honestly they once again screwed up making a gun that’s basically just an expensive Destructor while they were trying to milk money out of people in desperation

Athena is a complete joke lmao, not the worst weapon and very usable but still a humongous meme to be laughed at for all that it is and stands for, and how everything about it was handled

I think the problem here is that if you’re a newer player & 8k is where your top build is, coming up against bots that DO NOT MISS and are armed with friggin’ RELICS, it is very disheartening. I think this drives new players away from the game… This is way more damaging to the game, methinks, than CW issues, wonky Battle Passes, or whatever else we vets cry about.

Bots/Levs Always Focus and Kill Me First :rage: If I Await Player Coming… It’s Always Bot :roll_eyes: Last Time One Bot Protected Enemy Player by Driving Between :upside_down_face: He Just Stand There Like Stupid Bambi.

Key tactic against bots is to make sure they “see” someone else before they see you. They seem to latch on to whoever they see first & won’t relent until they’re dead.

Cloaking, killing them, or running very far away seems to be the only remedy.

Yeah but You Can’t Attack Bots If People Drive Around Him ;-; Noobs Still Don’t Understand That :man_facepalming:

Still… never be the first one into a swarm of bots. It’s just a good way to die first. The bots do not coordinate their attacks. They’re always solo players - so to speak. Patience is the key to PVP. It’s also why PVP sometimes bores me. In order to win, you have to out-patience the other guy. In the time I have sat around waiting for the other guy to expose his weakness, I could’ve run a whole PVE match. :rofl:

Patrol is an entirely different strategy, though. May as well be a different game.