Fuel barrels should guarantee fuel


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I don’t get what’s convoluted about how simple the rules to get fuel are. The only way to relax the rules any further without abuse would be to allow partial fuel gain for the surviving losing side. However that doesn’t make a lot of sense to do.

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So you basically want to flood the market with materials so new non paying players have ZERO chance to earn coin over a single challenge? :roll_eyes:

Life is hard, but unfair. Winners win things, losers lose things. That is life in a nutshell.

i never run fuel barrels , ever… but that challenge forced me , i ended up with a dog build with my rare fuel tank right behind my sledgehammers and somehow , if i did get destroyed the tank was one of the last things to go


It’s oddly one of my favorite challenges from BP’s, they’ve run one in just about every large BP. I like it because it can force you to change your playstyle while doing it.

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I totally relate to that

I want to bleach my eyes every time a gamer types anything with the word “communism” in it. I don’t think there’s ever been a pertinent or educated take on the subject in the history of gaming. Anyway…

I’m with @RoughMonkey here, I don’t want no bombs on ma sweet ride. This said, I farmed fuel recently, an it’s as simple as winning and not blowing up, so I’m not sure what’s the problem here? Made a fuel car in 15 mins max (rare tank only), got 2k fuel in a week or so >.>

Don’t see the market being flooded being a problem, people can earn fuel already and the market is flooded with resources outside uranium, all it would do is make earning fuel be just a bit easier and make more sense in putting intentional weakspots on your build when you’re being forced to do it. Put a weekly limit onto it if it’d be too much fuel per player with guaranteed 5 points of fuel per won battle if both barrels are installed

Though some may think how we obtain fuel now is okay and if changed it will encourage cheating, this is true to some point but I still think having to strap bombs to your build earn minimum points in the battle, survive, and have your bombs survive and then win the match is too convoluted and unfair, not to forget the fact you have to do it in PVP also!
I think you should be able to earn fuel not only in PVP matches but PVE matches like the two versions of Patrol and the only other requirements be that 1 you win the match 2. you stay in the match till the end of it 3. you score a minimum amount of points. 4 you survive. I don’t think this will encourage much “cheating” as some would think it would, but it would make the resource more obtainable to everyone and be the opposite effect when they added the market corridors to stop “cheating” in the market …