Fuel barrels should guarantee fuel

You should gain guaranteed fuel from having fuel barrels on your build, no matter if the parts survive or not in a battle. Maybe less fuel earned than with the parts surviving, but still guarantee a bit of fuel. The max you can get from a battle with them is 15 fuel per battle I think, so the white one should guarantee 2 and the blue one 3 so you get 5 no matter what. Make it so they are only earned if your team wins if it’s too extreme to earn them so easy but for the love of God shove this challenge so far up your

Because it’s really fun to strap on extra weak points to your build and still be grinding that stupid earn 60 points of fuel in missions challenge from the battle pass


Yup when I saw that challenge pop up the first thing I said is it worth doing this convoluted task, as you accurately posted it’s too convoluted to not only win but also survive with your napalm canisters still attached 4 times if you’re using both at once, and it has to be pvp and not pve like patrol

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That’s some kind of communism. But since Crossout has a number of communist stickers with red stars, etc. … OK, makes perfect sense in such a game. :upside_down_face: :oil_drum: :+1:

It’s not that hard to win enough fuel to complete that challenge.
Just use the two fuel tanks and put them on a long range build. I know many people attach them on sticks extending far behind the rear of their vehicle, but I have better luck hiding them below.

I have to agree it’s not that bad as a challenge.

I think the problem with winning fuel for not surviving is that players would probably abuse it. As in start a battle get their min points and then quit, just to get the little bit of fuel. It would be almost zero effort.


I could see that but I think an easy counter is only awarding the fuel if you stayed to the end of the match and got a minimum amount of points

They’ll just eat a cheezeburger and watch a youtube video till the match is over…

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I’m pretty sure gas tanks make good armor. Just strap them right along the outside of your hull, next to your wheels or tracks. :crazy_face:

I especially like the narrative about whales. No, I didn’t edit it

They should just reduce the requirement, but I already had a fuel-rig in my rotation.

I was prepared for this gig. Still, 60 units is a bit of a haul. Extra hard to manage at high PS, probably.
Since they made it a Challenge I should have to build something more serious, but whatever.

Lower your PS. I’ve earned 60 fuel in about 5-6 matches.

I don’t know if PS really matters that much. Lots of high PS matches see one team completely wiping out the other, making it easier to survive to the end with your barrels intact if you’re on the strong team.

Of course if you get on a losing streak it can take a while, but that’s true at any PS.

Best to use long range weapons, and to retreat whenever you see enemies approaching.

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I say that because at higher PS weapons penetrate much deeper and are more destructive. Some even target these areas, while at low PS it’s more common to take less devastating hits. Parts are chipped away more evenly, fewer mines, god-guns, and fires, etc.

I think it’s hard to understate what a schit-storm of over powered and unbalanced gear high PS is. Good luck keeping your gas-tanks in tact there.

While at low PS, being ripped apart in a single shot is much less common. I think your chances of surviving without your tanks exploding is much higher in low PS.

Exactly why my only PvP vehicle is low PS.

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I completed the challenge last night with a machinist/Kaiju tank, with the barrels hidden between my frames. Originally I had them attached to a pole on the back of the tank, but they kept getting blown up.
I just hid in the back and used cloak a lot. My teammates did most of the work, but I was still reasonably effective at harassing the enemy snipers and protecting the other range players from dogs.

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I completed mine incidentally and didn’t notice when. I run gas tanks on a couple different cars, but they’re all very low PS.

I do think they ninja-nerfed frames right before this Challenge was presented. Now they have an “official” patch-note that addresses this. More BS, I think, whatever. I hope whatever they do is an improvement over what it is, but this next patch (on the test server) will directly effect the viability of hiding gas-tanks and explosives.

As far as I can see, fuel is the resource that is the closest to actual cash, as it converts to coin so easily, and the matchmaker knows if you are carrying one…just saying. I’m not surprised they are exploring new ways to make the collection of it more difficult, and I bet that will be the net result of the next update.

I never run one anymore, except for doing challenges like this one. I don’t want fuel enough to strap a bomb to my car.

However, I used to run the rare fuel tank next to a gas generator underneath my cabins for a long time, and did make some coin from it. But it also made me into a mobile nuke, which made it a lot harder to win matches and stay alive. Especially once incinerators became popular.

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It’s still too convoluted to earn fuel, so how would you fix it then? As this system is flawed in my opinion

100% this.

I tossed out the gas tanks about 6 months into the game.

5 1/2+ years later and I don’t miss not having the fuel.

No bombs in my build thank you.


Anyone know the rules for receiving fuel?
It seems like some battles I do terribly in, I get fuel…
Then, like the one I just ran, I do pretty freaking good for weakest player (3rd place on winning team), and get none.


Survive with your fuel tank intact is the only rule. I think your team has to win? Small tank gives 5, big tank gives 10, and you can run one of each.


you shall donate to Gaijin and the more you donate the more fuel you get

Win with at least one fuel tank left on your car.