Full player matches - Do we have more people now?

Seems like more people are playing. Steam numbers are the highest they’ve been since April last year. Twitch views are also up. A few of my buddies got on Crossout for the first time recently. I hope things keep moving this way.


Im getting full matches, I’m glad the toxic tarts are leaving because they dont have a bargaining chip when players are coming in or returning because of a good update. I could have threw my hands up and done what they did when my dual auger got nerfed. They still aren’t what they used to be, but I still play and buy the BP’s.


Improved graphics+sound, many parts that desperately needed buff got buffed (omni, auger), control scheme is adjustable…All that should contribute to an initial population surge, since many people will log to try out the changes.
However, the competivite side of the game (CW) and high ps is broken at the moment, with hovers being so overdominant. Literally all matches on randoms are 6-8/8 hovers and and pretty much all teams in CW play only hovers.
Yesterdays changes kinda improved the situation but its not fixed yet, if this goes on for more than a month then population drop will be large and apparent, since many of the people that tried out the new stuff will be off to other things and the veterans that keep the game alive will start leaving for good.

So how those yokais work in out?