Full player matches - Do we have more people now?

So since the patch on Xbox I’m seeing every match is full of all human players and no bots. (14k+ is all I really play, so not sure about other PS levels)

So I read all the messages about people saying they are going to leave, but I am experiencing the exact opposite. Is anyone else the same?

It’s like we have more people now.

EDIT: also I play mostly US east coast at nights. How are the euro servers doing earlier when the US is in bed?


I’m seeing a similar surge on PS4, although sometimes I’ll have a bunch of no bot matches, and then get bumped into another queue and end up in a match that’s half bots.

Lower PS seems less busy than higher PS, so it could be a bunch of longtime players diving into the update to figure out what they can do with it.
I’m always super motivated to play when there’s a big update to explore, and I suspect others are too.
I wouldn’t want them to bump consoles up to 8v8 prematurely and end up with bot-heavy matches in a few weeks.


The toxic ones announce their leaving, and the ones they pushed off the game will return.


The past year I’ve seen more noob players than I can remember in crossout. The population is definitely increasing as far as I can tell. It doesn’t show in cw yet so much though, but it will in time.


There is a stick, but who wants to play if they ruin everything. 60-100 ms ping EU, RU 100-160 ms, they would rather start with this, finally

what are you talking about man, the skill gamer leaves, doesn’t pay, the noob W pressing idiot stays
hower op ? NO draco firebag op no dead game

Only 12 people,right?
Are they always same members,yes?
Even if it is not same, about two or three people have changed only, right?
You just match with full members only at a specific time zone, right?
It’s need to curved the viewpoint that there are too few players ?

No they where not always the same members.

If they where the same I wouldn’t even bother posting it.

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Yeah, there’s a few names I see playing almost every session, but 98% of the players are names I’ve never noticed before.


Yeah, I’m seeing this too.

One of the things that made me notice it was I went into a game and we had two full teams. Every player on both teams was from a different clan :slight_smile:

One of the other guys in voice chat pointed it out.

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This seems to be not a console thing only

Ever since the update I have seen only a singular bot, most matches are always full…

So is the game dead yet?


DEAD GAME clearly =)

Nawh i even notice different new names and players now did they change the matchmaking or am i getting different people to fight with now?

Or did they soft lock me into a serten population because im near 360 engineer levels? and they unlocked that?

I only hope some of the new players get into clanwars.

But due of update supercharged i can fairly say CW right now is kinda broken its to dominated by hovers now…

I would like to play something landbased to but its not gone work… currently…

Maybe the new update is bringing people back to the game or peaking intresst of new people.

Im stil 1 of the dinosaurs playing and having fun but i see this game more and more as a hobby.


Most the toxic players have left do to the update, and the camera controls have lowered the skill gap allowing for more players to get in and have fun with the game.

To the lower skill and newer players the game is easier to approach, so what they removed some of the high end skill requirements that is a good thing.


Tried some 5-6kPS matches tonight and queue times were better than previously, and less bots.


I do think more are playing, but I too also wonder this.

well im over 10300 hours due of a privat life situation…
(i got sick and fight with employer = endless battle i hope it ends soon…im stuck at moment)
So i kinda made XO my work for that period.

But when i got back to the game i had 400 hours and i was working a job + it was hard until i found a clan 3.5 year ago now to play this game and enjoy it.

There’s this serten detachment issue in crossout but thats with any game.
But once you do find a group or small community i did enjoy the game more.
+I came from robocraft the DEVs there kinda destroyed there own game + playerbase…

Ive played against a lot of people in pvp and cw and been in a few clans now.

But serten names i dont see playing anymore since the update. and i also see way more lower prestige people getting matched up with me. (i dont mind that)

Sadly what is not so posetive is that the leaderboard of CW is kinda broken. + some clans totaly stopped playing CW for the moment or disbanded compleetly.

  • I see a lot of people make building mistakes inside there builds / or they pop to easy / then complain.
    Its like the qaulity whent down but got replaced with less.

Stil its ofcourse its different if you play 10K hours how you look at things / builds and BPs.

Only real complaint i stil have is that 32 / 64 (with ex bp slots) is just not enough anymore if you played that much as me and engineerd some good builds for serten things you kinda run out of room…

I dont know how much cabines and guns we now have in XO but you can never make enough BPs to save and keep it all. if you build anything.

Stil i would love to see a increase in BP slots / or if they could give me more BP slots ive been waiting for ages now…

I dont think it would harm them anymore giving us more slots to save things in / it aint a performance issue…


we want more BP slots!! when do we want them? Now!


YES more BPs!!

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Am I crazy, or did we get more exhibition spots with the new update? Or had I expanded that from battlepass rewards and forgot?

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We have double the blueprint spots now because exhibition spots can now be made private.