Fun weapon ideas

Share them if you have them

I was thinking, what about lucky weapons? Weapons like a drone deployer, that has an equal chance to deploy either a wheeled drone, a turret, a jubokko mine or a king mine upon activation.

Or a revolver, where the shot can either have an explosion effect, heating effect, freezing effect, stunning effect or deal no damage at all?

Kind of like a lucky weapon that either does a lot of damage, or none at all, making it a real gamble on what ends up happening when you shoot it

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I made a topic a while ago (and 2 suggestions to the devs) for an acid weapon category. still hasn’t happened yet tho :sob:

Interesting on the lucky weapon.

  1. Laser type melee weapon. Basically like a harvester but high powered laser that heats parts and does melee damage it basically like a long bracket with one laser that you drive into them to cut them. Like a long wide type blade.

    Like this but straight. The laser can be bright orange.
  2. Acid bomb launcher - Where acid does damage and effected parts all can be shot thru 30%
  3. Legendary harpoon that does electrical damage.
  4. Shield bubble launcher
  5. Radar Jammer that makes it look like there are enemies where there not at. That is more of a hardware.
  6. New legs that can Jump off the ground some. (also not related to weapons)
  7. Plasma catapult.
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Another idea for a luck based drone launcher, why not deployable wheeled drones, where it deploys one of the drones from the droneapocalypse event? Not all of them, but for an example, it deploys either a avalanche, destructor, varun, skadi, fidget, nagual or a dud drone that has no gun and explodes without dealing any damage after 1 second of existing. Idea would be that there are a few good options it could be, a few not so good, and then the worst one that is the dud option. There could even be multiple versions of this gun, where version A has drones 1-5, version B has drones 6-10, version C has 11-15 and so on. Or then just have a huge pool of drones that could pop out, not sure which one makes more sense t a programming pov

5 energy instead of 4, functions like any normal drone does (targets enemy cabin)

AH. No, please. The drone’s inability to miss would be… you know. I’m all for the other ideas though, that sounds neat. The dud would have to have a greatly reduced recharge time after it’s deployment though.

Another fun idea I had was for two different guns, for opposing playstyles

A turreting cannon for stationary playstyle, where when the car moves the gun has increased damage resistance, but slower rotation speed and reload speed, but if you are stationary to max 5km/h movement speed, the gun rotates much faster, bullets travel faster and it reloads faster. Damage resistance to help with surviving while getting into position, and idea is that you stand still and shoot shots at a fast succession. But no damage resistance in the “shooting” mode so it’s not op. Also kinda low damage as it’s meant to be spam fired while stationary

Lower rarity ripper-style weapon, that launches only 1 blade, does not stick to the ground, but has 3 charges that boost the damage you gather by distance traveled, at specific speed as well. Idea is that the weapon has air intakes, and the air flowing in as you drive speeds up the spinning of the disk that you launch, adding damage. But the charge building up this way mans that you also loose the charge at an equal rate as you build it, if you do not drive at a specific speed. Something like at 70 km/h and beyond stars to gather the charge, X meter per 1 charge, you star to loose the charge when you drive slower than 70km/h

Using both speed/distance so you can’t just cheese it with a buggy wheel build if it was sped only, or bigfoots if it was distance only. Think of it as the ammo + heating weapon of the moving kind

fun weapon idea for crossout:

  1. avoid unnecessary filler updates and repair the game