Funny things that happened in game

A place for people to share if anything humorous happened in the game

Today I was in the Bedlam and there was one of those guys who starts shooting at everyone, fast and small Omni wheels triple fortunes version today, art builds and all, so I decided to take my slow Nest hover and in return annoy him with constant nests and trombones while he was busy clubbing every lower ps player in sight while said players were unable to chase after the nimble little fortune build

Bro had to get a specific Kami Breaker Cheetah build to finally counter a rinky dinky Icarus IV slow nest hover. Kami and breakers just to deal with 2 Nests and trombones on a hover that can barely accelerate properly. Imagine needing kami and breakers to counter nests, especially now that explosions are not as effective after the armor change

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LOL! My youngest son has asked me to go into Bedlam to deal with trolls before. Nests, Trombones, Pyres, cloaks, minelayers etc… just annoy them until they get bored. :rofl:

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Maybe you can let him play on his own

Maybe you didn’t notice this part

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I noticed that, I just didn’t think he was young enough to play the game, so how old is he?Roopoll

Avalanche player in Impulsive just yeeting themselves away

I have a miscellaneous video folder, I can take a look for more things

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I handful more

Setting a trap but the enemy set it off early:

I need a hero:


The siege of powerplant:

Explosive breakdanceing:

A real scope:


Those are great… I had to watch the Palpatine one a couple of times & I’m still not sure how that happened. :rofl:

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Honestly I don’t remember… I only started recording things around October last year… but I used to use a site online to convert clips into gifs… those gifs were saved on the site and because I did this for years I had a big backlog of old “clips” but without sound.

So when I decided to start recording more I went and saved all the gifs in video form and that was one them lol

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The kid in question is 9. He’s pretty good in a fight, but when you get those ding dongs in Bedlam who like to cause chaos, he’s asked me to take control.

That means building something fast & dirty that can harass the stink out of that ding dong.

Generally, he plays on his own & has his own account. He often plays on mine though since I have more parts.

The best is when we play together…

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Fighting one of those dual breakers on an omamori big and flat builds with parts that go up here and there to catch hovers, and shield the guns, and after getting stripped off of the weapons on my hover build I also took notice how the placement of the breakers, with one slightly forward and the other a bit back, and a gun mount part on the side where some shielding is attached, made it so that if I was at a correct spot the breakers could not shoot, one breaker being blocked by the gun mount and the other by the breaker being blocked by the gun mount, so I spend almost a minute driving in a circle with this enemy build, staying mostly out of the firing angle

I think it was pretty funny, I did die eventually though out of getting a lucky shot or two every now and then but what should have taken only a few seconds taking close to a minute was pretty funny

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Hanging around, or well, wasting time, In bedlam and one of those usual double mandrake or heather or combination of the two builds appeared, that set SD the moment they respawn, shoot at general direction of people, and SD before anyone usually has any time to shoot at them, repeatedly spamming SD and Drakes while popping up left and right while cycling through all the spawn points in bedlam

So I wheeled my Avalanche meme build over to one of the corners of the map with a few spawn points are near one another, and yup almost every time he spawned in those points, I could one shot him or at least shoot off one of the guns before he had time to shoot or sd

After a little bit of this what followed was a very funny back and forth messaging on how I am getting reported for spawn camping, what he is doing is griefing and it’s ok and allowed, I’m totally recording all of this and sending it to a GM, making fun of him for “Mr GM look at this video of me spamming drakes and SD in Bedlam but then this one guy killed me omg pls ban” followed by him flinging a few profanities at me and me telling him I’m reporting him for foul language, which I did not feel like actually doing since I don’t genuinely feel like reporting even does anything in this game, especially when it’s not outright hacking or anything, but it made more salt appear which was pretty funny

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