Funny things you do in matches when your bored

I like getting behind the mandrake bots and speeding them forward into better positions. This saves your ally bots from firing off while under tunnels too. Is there anything funny that you do?



I like to laugh at the players who rush in and die within 20 seconds then spend the rest of the match flinging insults at the team for not doing what they did, I see a lot of ruskies doing this in the North American server probably cause they figure no one understands them so they’d not be reported, translated some of the Cyrillic ruskies vomit and darn the homophobic, racist crap they poop out in-game chat would make a sailor turned trucker blush :rofl:

When I get bored I start ignoring my team and focus on trying to get behind the enemy, even if that’s a suicide mission. Not sure why I do this. Something satisfying about surprising a bunch of campers and messing up the trap they were trying to set for my team.

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In matches? I play whatever my build was for.

Now for builds… I used to love flying a moon around as a reaper copter. but alas it got nerfed.

If we have the cap at the Ashen Ring, I’ll deploy all my drones at one time (not something I do on the regular) and, then, flip myself on one of the ramps. I don’t know why I think it’s funny but…I imagine I’m a turtle on its back. My carnivore hologram going, my express horn blaring, the team and my drones ripping it up…it’s a beautiful day to sun myself!

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I wish I was in a match where I had the time to get bored, each match is as sweaty as it can be, especially when you don’t want to play the easy to win weapons and builds and actually have to put in effort. If there isn’t a shotgun build spinning around you there’s a mini/machinegun or ranged hover shooting at you, usually both at the same time, all match long. Kill one there’s another it never ends.

Still can do fun things during the battle though, but it’s mostly just shooting off weapons or movement parts or getting a lucky module pop. Game is so rush heavy there is no time to actually have fun strategies or any kind of creative gameplay

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