Fused Seals

A 42% buff for a fused module that translates straight into total damage before overheat is extremely overpowered and needs to be nerfed. Nothing else fused gets this kind of bonus. Stack a long heatcycle with perks that deal extra damage over time which are sustained with sustained fire such as that of the miniguns or spectre and its no wonder the weapons get such efficient perk usage. Combine this with Catalina and a <10k triple arbiter with 2 fused seals will do 3500 damage before overheating stacking the cab 4 times. This is all straight hitscan damage so there is no issue of wasting damage potential on frames, movement parts, and spaced armor.

chill also gets a 42% buff making it equal to an unfused seal without factoring in the perk but at 1/3 the ps

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They already tried to nerf this item years ago.

The community got so bent that they decided not to add it.

I don’t see them going back to this anytime soon.

I think radiators synergize with the perks of spectres and miniguns better than chills do.

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r-2 chill is a radiator , taymyr and shiver are the coolers

Radiators vs. coolers for me depends - not so much on the weapon - but in the build and how I’ll use it.

If it’s a build I rarely slow down with and keep the speed high, then the seal gets the go.

I’d it’s a slower build that’ll be brawling… Yeah.

As for the perk… I don’t think it needs changing. It’s quite a boost in performance, but isn’t that the point? Why fuse something is the benefit isn’t worth it?

42% is too much

Coolers are for precise weapons (those that heat up in few tap fired shots think AC 72/Still), Rads are for spray n pray (pretty much describes it). Combo for spray and pray up close (RFMG’s, SG’s, Flash etc)