Fused VS Un-Fused

During a fusion event, just fuse up 3-4 Cobras. Cheap and effective. Make some money and next fusion event, fuse 3-4 Pythons, still cheap.

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This is the way I play the game. If I’m happy with a build I fuse the whole thing.

The two must have fused for me are modules and Cabin. Then movement, then weapons last.

Honestly, I’m at a point that I already have all the wheels, cabins and modules fused. So when I make a new build all I have to do is fuse the weapons and I’m done :slight_smile:

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Lol, I have 4 fused porcs… and sadly one of them has ammo. So I feel that guys pain.

I will refuse it some day :frowning:

Hey tutor, I hope you like the upcoming drone cabin.

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I don’t know, how can it top my Fused Call Cabin?

Also, the Call is very cheap on PC.

It is cheep because the cabin is not good.

Currently I would use a different cabin when playing drones. We have so many better options.

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First of all.
What i wrote wasn’t meant specifically for you, i only quoted that fallacy. That crappy and empty Slogan.

No. Because of exactly this.

I’m not against fusing stuff.
Not all people can fuse things.

One thing is fusing rares or special (stretching the thing)
Leave epics and above for much later when a player is much more solid economically and can bite the bullet when things go wrong, with some exceptions like.
rads and coolers ( from my experience are safe because you get what you want at the first time) . Was pretty strait forward.

Second, i agree what you wrote, a bit long winded thou.
Listen i don’t want knock you down or something.


I know a guy who almost went bankrupted trying to fuse the Photon cabin with mass and tonnage.
±30 k coins later on the seventh roll he ended up with tonnage and speed SD and he just quit doing that. (that guy was ME).

The call is bad for droning?

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that’s my cabin of choice but to use it JUST for droning doesn’t take full advantage of what it can do. With it’s perks of adding resist to damage as well as power, the cabin is really meant to be used for melee, and the drones are just to be used to make it last longer in the melee. BUT, and it’s a big smelly but, the perks are easily countered just by having the drones taken out, so, although not bad, it’s not optimal. Not like a cabin with a perk that stays active until it’s spent, you know?

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Yeah, the Call doesn’t actually help your drones be any better. The Drones help the call have more power and durability. I play drones somewhat frequently, but this cabin is very underwhelming for that task.

When I want a build that’ll boost drones, I go with the Aggressor & Bigfoot tires. That increases the damage drones do. I don’t think it works with turrets, though.

Torero seems to boost the accuracy of them as well, so I’ll sometimes use that. That cabin is just an all around good cabin.

The Beholder is also good for drones as you can drop em, go to stealth, guide them to & around your enemies & then hit enemis with passive melee.


Also the Cerberus or Tusk. There’s no direct relation to the drones, but if you wanna do melee damage while your drones are distracting the enemy, they’re also good options. The build I use for the 20 side missions challenge is a cerb/drone build.

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I must be confused.
Wasn’t there a cab that increased the drones damage output when close to them?

If it’s not Call, could it be the howl?

I use the aggressor, maybe with this Buff that will receive it probably do better.
(I always like the aggressor either way, cause it’s fast, i made a successful build with it and it’s an escape from the norm)
It’s perk it’s almost useless.
In the past i used the Aggressor for run away from revengers (that event)
and now, meant to be a place holder for other cabin of the same size.
I upscaled my 6k drone build which has a growl .

either way, there are two more cabins i could put in there.

Harpy for more drones
the cab i’m talking about for more damage and brawling
or i can stick with Aggressor.

For brawling i have two plows, is there anything better for melee damage?

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They’re good for heavy armor, but don’t do much damage.

I use the new birds of prey a lot. They’re really long, so do damage while keeping you rather safe. Hatchets and flails are good too.

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Yes its the Howl but it’s range is horrible for use unless u melee drone. Its ability range drop off is horrible for droners who like to drop drones and run around.

Ive been using the Call cab lately after i moved on from the Growl. I might fuse my Torero cab if it really does help drone accuracy…but i only run annihilator drones. How would accuracy help them? They already are bot cab accurate so im not sure if the perk is helpful for me.

One thing that stops me using the Aggressor cab is that i use stealth a lot so that annoying flame burst every few secs isnt helping with that ya know.

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That’s for sure! On the other hand, those are part of why I like that cab so much… poof poof poof! LOL I’m a sucker for cool exhausts.

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Yeah i agree. It’s only annoying to me in the fact that it works against my stealth ability so i cant use it but in general it is a cool exhaust with its look n sound effect. I have hid the exhaust flames under armor before but armor comes off and i don’t think the perk holds up long enough to help my drones that much.

Depends on the situation.

  1. Ram their wheels off first, then drop Turrets and use the power boost to escape and 180 and ram them again.
  2. Drop Turrets, use power boost to ram a different enemy then the one you surrounded in Turrets.
  3. Drop Turrets, use power boost to race to enemy base.

Spike Bumper, Frontal Protection System, Buggy Bumper, Bullbar, Blades, Incisor, Pipetooth, Nibbler, Stranglehold, Thorns…

I like aggressor, but you really need to use Bigfoots with it to take full advantage of the perk, and I’m bored of them.
I’ve used Jannabi on a lot of drone builds, because it’s a great excuse to drive like a maniac. Before it existed, I would use Griffon and try to do a lot of flanking and dropping turrets behind enemy lines.
Beholder is also a good option.

As far as passive melee, it lists their damage, and there’s a lot of smaller parts that do max damage. I like using them in a way that looks more like decor, and that doesn’t weigh me down like plows.

I don’t like any of the drones that follow your vehicle. So basically the only drones I’ve enjoyed playing are turrets, fuses, Yaoguai, and Vultures. Drop and run, smash if I get in trouble. Be small and fast.

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Too damn fragile, the all lot, very low durability.
It must withstand cannon shots.

I will check incisors, flails look promisor.

Those flames burst are not there only for show, each time a flame burst come out it marks a perk increase, the perk stacks up 3 times, after that there’s no more flames burst until the perk goes down below 3.
and i doubt it very much that the flames will break your concealment to the adversary. Most probably they are only visible for you.
It’s a easy way to keep track of the perk.

IMO, every time a build has a cheetah, BFs should be used, they synergise with each other (combat context) perfectly.


I seem to remember it dropping out of level 3 quite fast with minimal turning involved. Kinda like how quick the Howl loses its perk if you aren’t glued to the enemy. Its been a while though so i can’t remember exactly but i wasnt impressed with it and the drones at the time i tried it.

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it all started with scanners…