Fused VS Un-Fused

I’ll add another video or two along these lines eventually…
I know most of you guys on here already know this stuff, but for the newer folks…

I decided to go ahead and slap one together…


Range is a good example for weapons.

One of the biggest examples of the advantage of fusing is power and mass fused.

For example - if I have 8 bigram, 2 Mastodon, Apollo, two purple ammo packs, and whatever else you need to make the build.

Now make a non-fused version.

Then make a 100% fused mass and power fused version (where needed depending on the part) and that car blows the other one out of the water.

The fused version will be WAY faster to get up to speed and it will have a ton more mass for armor.


My vague plan is to do a vid for a few parts, then do a vid with them all working together to show how the fusing compounds benefits. I have to think through what’ll work well in a video, though. I’m thinking cooling rates will be pretty obvious. We’ll see.

Of course, this means I’ll have to make un-fused weapons to do it with!

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This is the biggest point to drive home.

Fusing one item? Ok it’s a little better.

But fuse the whole build? Now we are talking!

I think this is why new guys don’t get it, they fuse 3 items together and are like “why the hell did I do that? It don’t feel much different.” Then they never do it again. They never see the bigger picture of fusions and never open the true potential of the build.

SIDE NOTE: Now, to each his/her own. Smokem if you gotem, I’m not hating. But, You have dudes that live in low to mid PS and all their builds are fully fused. This is 100% the right thing to do I would do they same thing if I played at this power score! But, what I find funny is those same guys in chat boosting about how good they are and everyone else sucks… while they run 100% fused. well yeah, on top of skill and more experience your build is better. So if you take two same skilled players - the one with a 100% fused build has a huge advantage and let’s not get into the fact that the other random players might not have all the armor parts or drivers unlocked.

i guess what bugs me is they always act like it’s all skill - and I’m think… “hmmmm… could be that… but what about the 100% fused 4 man group in voice coms?”


That is EXACTLY what I did.

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Some weapons feel like they need to be fused to function like they should, for example Varuns (the first version before they changed it up a few times and ruined it) needed the bullet travel speed fusion to be functional, at which point they suddenly were very functional


I used to fuse things
I fuse all my defenders, each one end up with a different thing (that’s 12 in total)

I fused my rads and my coolers, big difference in weapons, it’s like i got new weapons.

I fused half of my Spitfires

And then, i tried to fuse Photon cab for mass limit and tonnage, seven attempts later…no cigar. An empty inventory.

Right now i’m in the same place where i was then, at least, the value of my inventory is around the same back then.

Lessons learned.
Don’t sell stuff that i’m using or going to use.
Don’t fuse, unless there’s an already established fusion to go for.

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This game has become so P2W its just nasty.

Fuse priority list:

-Epic ammo box
-Doppler, Trombone, Aurora, and other offensive gadgets you’ll use on many builds
-Engines (the fusions suck, but you only have to fuse like 2-3 engines for all your builds ever)
-Argus, Daze, Interceptor and other defensive modules with godly fusions
-Movement parts
-Useless stuff like Flywheels


I dunno… Flywheels are on a lot of my builds. Paid with guided rocket launchers etc, it makes a huge difference.

I think that if you are trying to speed run into high power scores and play some clan wars, you should fuse seals and ammo boxes, first then

movement parts, cabin, and engines second.

Apollo third.

Important gadgets Fourth,

Weapons Fifth.

For example: If you want to have a good hover, you need the following:

  1. Beholder/Kami/Griffon/Nova/Hadron fused for +power
  2. Icarus VII hover for fast builds, Beholder/Kami/Griffon, fused for acceleration efficiency or power penalty. Acceleration efficiency may be slightly better. Prefer -Mass over other fusions for both your cabin and your hovers. For slower cabins, use Icarus V with the same fusions.
  3. Get the following engine fusions: Colossus, Hot Red and Cheetah all with +power. I prefer that the second fusion on these be + defense or resistance instead of -weight because of how important an engine is to the build.
  4. Fuse your Apollo for -200KG.

If you want to have a good ground-based car, you generally prefer the -17 percent mass +10 percent mass on the cabin, along with power fused wheels, Omnis or tracks. For Hermit Wheels on really fast builds, it is preferrable to have some of your wheels fused for traction.

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The Flywheel fusion is +10% dura/-17% mass tho… You’re not going to use it to armor yourself, and it’s not that heavy either, so…

@101364268 Agreed. I was more giving a generic XO list, hence why I focused on versatile item. If I was to fuse for CW, I’d go Seal>Ammo box>Apollo>Doppler>cabs>gadgets>movement>weapons. Movement is great and all, but getting coherent fusions over 8 epic items is just killing me lol.

I fused my Doppler for - weight (Approximately -100 Kgs and + detection in cover. This took 7 Dopplers over two different fusion weekends. Doppler is like a wall hack cheat code to the game and I highly recommend it if you are interested in winning at Crossout.

When you have a Doppler in PVP, your team makes much fewer dumb choices and moves much more cohesively. Also, Dopplers are used for offense and defense. You can use a fused Doppler to find some lone hover spamming Hurricanes or Scorpions or Heathers from the backfield and make him pay. You can use a Doppler to avoid a large crush of enemies that would be a game ending problem. You can use a Doppler to see when your ally is being attacked or going to be attacked so you can render timely aid.

When I am playing my fire dog in PVP, I always have a tough choice between my Doppler and my fused Interceptor, whenever I bring one, there is a situation where I wish I had the other.

Doppler may be the most important part in the game and yet half the PVP teams don’t carry one.


plenty of good stuff said already, so, here’s my 2 cents worth:

I agree with the adage “If you use it, fuse it.”

And, don’t stop at just fusing one type of item, fuse the WHOLE rig. It’s tires, it’s modules, it’s weapons, everything. One fully fused rig can handle a 1v3 fight (if those 3 are un-fused that is). And, honestly, it feels GLORIOUS to rip through 3 rigs that gang up on ya.

If you use it, fuse it.



Fusing stuff, it’s not for all, or better yet, do not fuse until you are ready (with your economics more or else consolidated)
Fusing it’s a money sink, that will pull down someone that isn’t prepared several months or even years.

People start to fuse because others fuse and then they screw up because they are caught in a trap.

Fusion is the best, you should fuse everything and so on (this conversation )
But there’s a world difference between players.

  • What’s the safest things to fuse first?

  • What’s the next thing you should fuse, assuming you are in a particular economic level?

  • After you reach a certain and specific economic level, what items are reserved for this particular level?

I think this type of disclaimers should be in this discussion to be more clear to players less prepared.


Good clarification…

Nothing is guaranteed safe to fuse in the game. People fuse because they think it will give them an advantage be it in skill, make up for something that the item is lacking in it’s initial state, or to keep up with the jones in the next garage.

I know a guy who fused a Porc and got + ammo reserves instead of + 4 second mine time or + 25 percent bullet speed. Bullet speed or mine time is the main reason to fuse a Porc, and they have unlimited ammo with two fused purple ammo boxes anyway. That’s a loss of an entire relic.

I know another guy who on a Fusion weekend tried to refuse his battlepass Cohort, +Resistance +power for -Mass 800kg, + Mass 2300 kg. On the first roll he got -Mass Tonnage. Then, he rolled again and got -Mass with a stabilizer and +power, and then he rolled again with a stabilizer and got -Mass and +tonnage which he rejected for -Mass +Power. He crafted two Cohorts for this and then bought a third at full price, so he was out 3 expensive legendaries for a Cohort that isn’t much better than when he started.

I’ve never fused a legendary free hand but am thinking about re-fusing my battlepass Hadron for + power instead of + mass at the next fusion weekend. This could be an expensive undertaking as Hadrons are not cheap right now.

My current record for expensive fuses is as follows:

  1. -Mass +Power Echo cab 8 rolls.
  2. -Mass + Range in Cover Doppler 7 rolls.
  3. +power Colossus 6 rolls For my second trait I got resistance to damage. I think this is better than - weight because I HATE losing my engine.
  4. 3 +bullet speed + blast radius Locusts about 12 rolls (Locusts were cheap at the time)
    • turning speed + blast radius Trombone 3 rolls from the battlepass fusion. This used up all my Trombone workpieces, and now I have to pay premium prices for my planned Hadron fusion.

Oh yes… love having those fuses… 🫠

alright, since you seem to feel the need to knock down someone who has something good to add, here’s my FULL opinion on fusing (which I deliberately did not post because of its length, size, and girth).

What is “fusing”? This game sure does lack explanations of a lot of stuff.

Not to be confused with “fussing” which occurs at the start of the match when the friendly bots continue to block your passage to the fight and force you into the wall. Then they do it again.

There’s a couple uses of the term “Fusing” that players toss around.

First being that you can actually join one rig to another rig by way of using a module called the Contact 2M. Get enough friends together (upto 4) and you got an amputee Voltron on your hands (and that’s not something to laugh at). So, basically, you can fuse/connect 2 or more builds together into bigger one with special items, sometimes it may be fun.

Second, in your storage, up top is a tab labeled “Upgrade”, as in fusing two or more items into 1 item so that it gains bonus’. Normally we have to use 3 items on any given day but, during Upgrade Events, we only have to use 2 items. These events are usually only announced the day of, there does not seem to be any kind of heads-up given about them, but I could be wrong.

You need three of exactly the same part to make a fusion. Bonus’ are randomly selected from a pool. You can right click a part and click “upgrade” to see the contents of the pool but you cannot choose what bonus you want. There are generally two or three sub categories and each fusion gives one bonus from those subcategories. Again, you cannot choose which bonus you get. Every time you try fusing a part, it will give you 2 to 3 RANDOM bonus’s, one from each subcategory. This is why people get so hyped about Christmas Upgrade as you can see which bonuses you will get beforehand. People fuse over over and over again just to get more chance to get desired fusion combinations.

However, once an item is fused, it item CANNOT be sold and its value goes straight to ZERO coins.

So, wait till you are happy with what rig you run in before you fuse anything. If you’re early in the game, it might be too early to be fusing anything. It’s expensive and if you find that you don’t like the item after a while, and something else better comes along, you can’t resell anything you’ve fused so and coins are hard to come by early in the game. You might find yourself stuck, so, let’s avoid that.

Fusing is the expensive part of the game. Exp: Using 6 tires, 18 tires need to be crafted to upgrade the 6. Even then, they all get different bonus so, if you want the same bonus’s, get to crafting!

If there’s anyone reading this that has questions about upgrading your parts…just do it! I learned the phrase “If you use it, fuse it.” Something else I learned is that you’ll need to choose a specific power score to aim for and, once chosen, pick weapons meant to be used in that power score. There are many who will advise you to wait for the Upgrade Events and, if you’re patient, go for it. I’m not patient. But I’m not swimming in money to just go and buy coins, either.

So, crafting is an essential part of my game play. Buy the rare items to craft the specials needed to upgrade. Level the hell out of whatever faction is needed to craft the specials. Stock pile triples of everything you use. (Yeah, I crafted 18 shivs just to have 6 on my rig) Totally worth it if you ask me.

There are, of course, items that can’t be crafted. Pack items and such and, for those, grinding out coins is the only way.