Fusion issues and how to make a frustrating mechanism work for the game

Im getting straight to the point.

Right now fusion is either too expensive, or dirt cheap.

Also, its frustratingly limited. Meaning that the number of items available for fusion with each event is a joke and we are -again- limited on what the devs feel is the right fusion for us.

Most of the time it is, lets say, “the good fusions”. But cabins are completely relevant to the vehicle you are building.

These factors frustrate the player and limit gameplay options for no apparent reason.

Countless times i found myself having the resources to fuse what i wanted but the opportunity never came because the company decided i need to fuse something else this month-season.

Meta shifts, items get nerfed or buffed, interest fades. When i want something i want it now and im not a gambling junkie to go waste my gold in random fusion, so all im left is a missed opportunity feeling.

How to make it work:

Introduce rotating specific fusion events.

Every 2 months a very large variety of items becomes available for fusion. Around 20% of in game items every cycle, so in a year you have 100% covered.

One fusion option is presented for all players, premium paying players will be able to chose all their fusion parametres.

It could also be presented as a battlepass option instead of premium but i feel that premium is already a not so worthy idea, unless you are farming uranium, it doesnt have much going for it. And unless you got the annual offer, its depressing.
It needs some extra kick.

Fusion cost should be around 2.5x the single item price at all times.

Yeah it sucks, and is a huge gamble, even with stocking up stabilizers, which turn a humongously unfair gamble into less unfair gamble. Sometimes even 15 stabilizers are not enough to try to match fusions on 2 purple weapons depending on luck, and anything past purple parts is a no-go

Does not help either that some weapons suffer from pretty much needing a specific fusion to even function properly, but that fusion never being offered (Projectile charge time on snowfall and waltz for example)

Honestly there should be a way to just be able to choose a specific fusion for an item, rather than having to gamble for it

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I don’t bother with fusions anymore. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you never get what you want the first time and just blow resources and/or coins trying and trying over and over again. I tried to fuse 4 seperate goblins. Each one has different characteristics. Fused 2 remedies; both are different. I know alot of people are happy with their fusions and are glad to waste resources on it. For me, just not worth it.

what crossout game are you playing that fusion is cheap? tell me cause i want to go there :rofl:

fusion isnt cheap at all and the cheapest fusions i know of are rares and tacklers and who wants to fuse rares? i mean maybe some people do for low ps games but i dont.

allowing us to choose which fusions we want would help immensely instead of leaving it up to chance. hell alot of fusions are to risky to do and often times i leave these items rotting in my inventory until we get events that let us get the fusions we want.



Lots of people. Most people who play are new when they start, of course, and it seems like fusing blues is a good and logical place to start, unless they’re just going to play PVE. I don’t suppose it matters there, but it makes a difference in PVP, and most people there fuse blues, I think.

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I don’t like the lottery aspect of fusing, and I would always prefer to have more items than less items that are more powerful.
But the BPs have given me lots of fused stuff for cheap, and a while ago I started fusing some of the duplicate rare and special untradeable items that were accumulating in my storage.
I do like the cheap fusion events that we get now, and occasionally take advantage of them, mostly for modules that I use often.

The Omega Protocol is offering some popular fused items. I’m eyeballing that one myself, to replace some things I ditched years ago. It’s got god-fused Retchers too, I think.

I don’t like high PS much, but I do like to get out of my box once in a while to do something different, and the Griffon that pass is offering is probably my favorite Legendary cabin. Seems like it’d go good with a couple Retchers too…IDK. It looks like a good mini-pass to me. It’s got good top shelf fused gear, I think.

The way it is done now is a joke, its far from what im saying here.

Griffon is a fun fast cabin, and the perk is useful even if you don’t use cloak. I used to like using it with longer range weapons, using the perk to keep off people’s radar, but most people use it more for close range attacks.

Although if you were in the market for a legendary cabin, you might want to consider Kami. It’s faster, and I think it lends itself to muscle cars better (although Griffon has the right looks for classic hot rods)

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