Fusions: Movement Parts

In your opinion…
What are the best fusions for each movement part and why.

Outside of hovers there isn’t that many options…

Power Penalty reduction is the one your normally looking for. Sometimes you want negative mass if it’s a heavy part. Like shives it’s up to the user dmg resist or durability. Tonnage is good on them as they are a bit low. It’s only a 60ish gain though. dmg resist can soak a bit more sometimes as your only doing 10% reduction per hit and most hits are small.

The hovers have a strange extra: Acceleration efficiency increase. I’ve never bothered with it but it is popular. Its’s either the pp reduction or the acceleration though.

Which option guys?

A different fusion on each movement part, or all matching fusions on the movement parts

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Personally I go for mass reduced and power reduction on every movement part. On wheels I’ve tested a full set of traction compared to power reduction and it’s simply pointless.

To be honest, I’ve never really thought about fusing movement parts… But tonnage always seems to be an issue with wheels, and I’d fuse my tracks for HP if I had the cash.

I generally go for -power penalty on everything. All my hovers are fused either +power or +acceleration efficiency. The third option is a grab bag.

For tracks and wheels, I prefer +power or possibly tonnage on everything. I am against + traction on wheels as this interferes with my driving style.

I think -Power penallty is most important on hovers and Omni wheels. These parts are barely workable without power penalty and power fused cabins and engines.

I have never fused any movement parts, but I do buy the main BPs, so I have fused versions of all those parts, and use them a lot more than my unfused parts.
From what I understand, getting a mixture of different fuses isn’t that big of a deal, as the buffs get applied to the whole vehicle. This means it doesn’t matter if one wheel has extra traction, because that gets spread out over all the wheels.

I agree that traction and +power gets spread out over the entire build. It should be noted that non-steering wheels have twice the traction of steering wheels. So, if your non-steering wheels especially are fused for +25 percent traction, you are going to get a huge swing in how your vehicle operates. I have found that fusing as few as two non-steering wheels can completely change the feel of my builds and keep me from power sliding, which negatively affects my speed. Power slides help me maintain speed while cornering, which helps me run down builds I am chasing before they shoot my guns off.

This may or may not be desirable depending on what you are going for.

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Yeah, reduced power drain is what I would choose over traction most of the time.
However, I have found my high traction wheels are great on sand/ice/wet maps. If only there were a way to change you wheels when you see what map is loading.

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That would be disgusting. Imagine a 3 build Clan Wars style loadout for PVP that players could change based on the map and the list of opponents.

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Back when they introduced picking your CW build, I assumed you could see what map was loaded, and what your opponents were running.
I was disappointed when that turned out to be not how it works.
I can see why they didn’t go that way, but it would have taken some of the luck out of the competitive modes.

In clan wars, you can see the map and who your opponents are prior to picking your build but you cannot see their load outs until right before the match starts.

This comes in handy. When Old town comes up we are sure to run incinerators. For Sandy Gulf or Ship Graveyard we run ranged hover or rush builds and so on.

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Wait, does CC work the same way?
There’s still a bug on PS4 that doesn’t give me the option of choosing my build most of the time, and when it does give me the option, I have to hit the button to switch builds really quickly, as it’s usually only open for less than 2 seconds.
So if I do see the map, it’s for such a brief moment that I can’t really take advantage of it.

That happened to me on Xbox. I had an old Xbox 1s. I would play Clan wars and around the 2.0 release the game started loading me in late and dropping me altogether from some clan wars matches. What was happening is that 2.0 is more graphic intensive, and the old Xbox couldn’t load up the map fast enough. In PVP this wasn’t a problem because the game would start you late. In Clan wars, it is a problem because everyone must start at the same time.

Then I bought a newer Xbox series S and it solved all the problems.

Probably, the same thing is going on with older Playstations.

Click L3 and R3 simultaneously, itll bring back the vehicle selection

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I’ve tried extra traction on some of them and didn’t notice enough of a difference to want to do it again.

I kind of look at the figures like +durability on a low durability part isn’t necessarily as large of a boost as say +dmg res. Same goes for tonnage and mass you have to look at which one will actually give you more.

Power pen is almost always good though it’s even better on ones that have larger power pen scores.

I try to do everything in matched sets i.e. I like to have at least 2 matching so I can pair them mirrored on my builds. Some I have full sets i.e 4+ of others just in the 2’s.

That’s exactly it. A few updates ago they said they fixed it, but it only improved a little bit for me.

Thanks, I will try this!