Future codrivers

What kind of future codrivers would you guys want to see? For me I’d want more that boost specific weapon types rather than general playstyle, for example a crossbow specific codriver that has a few general perks for crossbows, something for the Phoenix specifically as well and a talent that works on crossbows.

This is me just throwing ideas at a wall but possible perks could be things like
-faster explosion of phoenix bolts
-bullet speed increase for crossbow bolts
-increased rotation speed
-increased impulse
-lighter weight
-more hp

And for talents things like
-after 4 successful shots increases the impulse of the next shot by 50%, missing resets
-taking X amount of hits makes weapons reload X amounts faster for the next X seconds, resets gradually by X second if not taking any damage

And so on. The most ideal talent would be one that benefits all crossbows, Phoenix included which does not really rely on impulse or anything, but not sure how to go at that

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I like that the new codrivers haven’t been locked to specific weapons as much as they used to be.
I’d like a co-driver that has perks in the family of the Harpy cabin. Some kind of buff to explosive weapons and ammo.
I’d also like one that specifically buffs the impulse of weapons. Let toadfishes and spikes toss around some bigger cars.
Something to buff melee and ramming would be nice too.
I also had an idea for a codriver that could buff the fire rate of any automatic weapon (and maybe reload too?).

Maybe codrivers that also boost teammates rather than just yourself, though with how balanced this game is that could go wrong on so many levels

I think they should really make a codriver that focuses on boosting the most unloved weapons and or cabins a little to maybe get them into play as well so things would not be so very stale and everyone’s Yokozuna or Master would have uses outside art builds

Anything that boosts crossbows.

I think that the new co-driver system might be used to shuffle the balance a bit while providing an incentive to play or to not play in a certain way. Imagine if they nerfed shotguns a bit more and then added a co-driver that buffs shotguns to the level they were at before the range and radiator nerf, but the effect gets deactivated for 15 seconds whenever you collide with an enemy vehicle. That would punish all the wedgetables while making the shotguns good at chasing after hovers again and buffing non-contact shotgun builds again. There could be more things like this, surely.

Personally, I’d also like a co-driver that would give a +5km/h base cabin speed to heavy cabins only, to be a replacement for Hans. The main ability could be something not dealing with raw damage, but the overall DPS maybe - Like giving a buff to reload speed on each consecutive hit on an enemy for example. Rate of fire usually beats raw damage numbers when you’re dealing with all the spaced armour BS that’s everywhere these days anyway.

That would kind of suck if they nerfed something just to make a new co-driver. The punishment wouldn’t even be viable against all the wedges either, players would just move meta to rapid-fires and fire based weapons.

This is just partials:

I wouldn’t mind seeing something for single tube rockets. There are a few of them that lost either dmg or flight time from the old co-drivers depending on which co-drivers they were using.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a speed loader for revolvers. Maybe it could work off consecutive hits. There isn’t a lot in the game that currently effects those weapons.

Generator weight reduction is one of those passive skills that I really miss.

Weight reduction for weapons might be interesting too.

Mist heavy cabins need it honestly their “advantages” are not worth it for less speed, and even make them worse even…

And machinist is not worth it, 25 more weapon durability is useless if a fire-dog destroys you in 4 seconds as soon it touches you, because you coudn’t out-speed the dog

I’m like the only one who doesn’t want a specific thing to help crossbows because I don’t want my Toadfish nerfed :((

Well shotgun wedges got shotguns nerfed to a point where they’re only useful on wedges and other facehugging build. Like it happened with hovers and half of the weapons in the game by now. Which eliminated other, more “legit” play styles.
Since the developers are completely useless when it comes to removing or fixing various exploits, such a co-driver could be used to provide buffs in a way that such exploiters can’t (ab)use them.

Phobos(sp?) already has something like this. If you take damage it cuts off your perk for a few seconds, doesn’t matter if it’s a stray shot, collision dmg… If they programmed collisions it would more then likely act in the same way even if a secondary player tapped you there is no difference to the program who is aggressing on the other you would get the perk cut. The only change to play style would be for those ill effected builds they would wait out the penalty.

Making a nerf just to create a co-driver that un-nerfs it is what I’m saying would be bad. I know it was much easier when shotguns had more range but that type of fix wouldn’t be healthy in the long run of things.

Well the nefs have already happened, but they hurt shotguns that don’t wedge instead of those that do. And it was the wedges that caused the nerf in the first place. And since they can’t fix wedges, they could use a co-driver that buffs back shotties, but takes the buff away if they get too close and ram/wedge someone.

Of course it would be a band-aid solution, but it might be A solution at least.

Yes, being able to take away a shotgun player’s buff by ramming them instead would be part of the point. The reason why wedges and melees are so hated is that they have a huge effect on taking avay your initiative/agency in the game. If someone drives under you and you can’t move or shoot back, it sucks. Let’s not go the way of another general nerf, change the co-driver’s effect to be negative instead if you ram or get rammed, for a trade off. Now if the wedgetable knew that he would lose a big part of the DPS by making contact with you (thus giving you more time to drive off or your teammates to destroy him), it would shift some of the initiative/agency to you. Now the shotgun user needs to stay clear or risk getting a debuff to DPS instead.
More co-drivers that would work with some sort of risk-reward effects might be interesting too. But hopefully not made like Billie, though.

It would just start turning their balancing act into something way worse especially since they already have intel monopolized this season. It would be like being blackmailed via codriver microtransactions. Aww look they didn’t like the nerf let them pay to undo it… It’s that bad…

I miss the extra range myself but I don’t want to pay to get it back.

I think your over simplifying it in your expectation of player behavior in a clockwork scenario. Wedge players would be less likely to use a co-driver like this. It would more likely be your hover hunters that would use it but the problem is it could easily turn into the opposite of a beneficial situation. Where players now go after the shotgunner when they see the perk indicator light on simply because they now have an added benefit to wedge them. It’s not a good dynamic to have if your trying not to end up with another wedge nerf…

You’re right. And I would be very excited to use such a co-driver. Trade-off facehugging capabilities (which I don’t abuse anyway) with a bonus to chasing down hovers and turret/drone droppers together with better hit-and-run attacks would be something I’d definitely enjoy.

I don’t think one specific co-driver would affect the number of wedgetables in the game. And since 1 is too many, I’m all in for another wedge nerf.

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I meant that as in they tend not to turn out well executed and working as intended rather then a good thing.

They have not yet repaired the previous one (sticky touch) which causes melee toxicity. And I am slightly worried they cant because the only programmer that wasnt part-time intern left the company -_-°.

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-removed all wheels, small tracks, and hardened tracks

Boom, and wedges dissapear!

lol… then they’ll sell you a new co-driver that lets you bring one type back. Think of all the sales they’ll make…