Future Update Information 0.13.60

Hello, survivors!

The next Crossout update is planned to be released in the second half of April. We’d like to share some information about the new features and changes with you.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

Spring mayhem

In this update, the anticipated brawl will return in a modified form. This year, we decided to change the theme of the battles — mainly, the changes will affect the blueprints of armoured vehicles: their appearance and the mounted weapons. These battles will be held in a medieval style. The vehicles will be equipped with various distinctive weapons: crossbows, catapults and melee weapons.

In addition to changing the theme, we plan to add the “Fortress” map to the brawl’s rotation. In addition, some additional changes may be applied to the rules for points scoring and progressing through the leagues.

Otherwise, it will be the same “Mayhem” that you enjoy: the choice of roles, the constant movement around the map, unexpected maneuvers and the need for coordinated team actions.

New parts

Previously, we have mentioned the mysterious outsider Dalis Rhyme and his armoured vehicle with a new cabin and weapon. So, what kind of parts are those?

Pulse cannon

An epic weapon, which firing mechanics are in many ways similar to the well-known “Scorpion”. But it has some special features too!

The new pulse cannon’s projectiles deal less damage and cannot penetrate enemy armour, but their flight speed is considerably higher. At long range, you still need to use some preemptive aiming, but the projectile speed will still be so high that it will require some getting used to.

The new weapon will offer you 2 firing modes:

  • standard, where pressing the fire key releases an instant shot that deals default damage;
  • a charged shot that will deal 50% more damage, but at the same time will deal a small amount of damage to your own armoured car.

Both modes are quite useful, and it will be extremely important to learn how to switch between them on the battlefield, depending on the situation.

Heavy cabin

A real scientist will always find a way to turn any harm to his advantage. Dalis proves this statement once again with his cabin “Ermak”.

Its parameters are quite standard for epic heavy cabins, with a slightly higher maximum speed and lower weight limit. The most interesting feature is its perk.

The cabin’s perk will increase damage resistance whenever your armoured car receives damage. The effect stacks up to 3 times.

Have you already noticed how the two most important components of the vehicle reinforce each other? Yes, Dalis is not only a brilliant scientist but also a very cunning man.

Anything else?

Yes, in this update we also plan to:

  • completely rework the marker system and improve the system of quick messages. In short, you will be able to set special marks (“Attack”, “Defend”, “Move”, “Attention”) not only through the map interface, but also directly while driving. It will be enough to point the sight at a certain point on the map or at an enemy.
  • implement a lot of changes that will improve the balance of AI opponents in raids;
  • make a number of balance changes for various parts.

Don’t miss it: tomorrow we’ll share more details about the planned changes and will open a test server so that you can try out all the balance tweaks and the new system of markers and quick messages.

See you soon!


I hope the gun in a Legendary.

Also, thank you again for posting this here.

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I think the perk on that heavy cab is interesting. It seems like this is another attempt to reel in melee. If you were to hit this cab with saws or whatever, the longer you attacked them with melee the less effective it would become.
It should encourage more hit and run attacks where melee is concerned. Most other weapons have a cool down period you have to deal with so this perk would be less of a concern to people not using melee, I would think.
I like this trend, if that’s what is going on.
Looks like a new artist is doing the presentations. I wonder what the cab will actually look like.
Also, I think it’s interesting that the gun has those little solar-panels on it that Lucas90 had suggested for armor just recently. It looks just like the solar panels he was lobbying as armor.

I really don’t like to gun’s charge mechanics. Not a big fan of the model either but that doesn’t matter as much.

The cab is more interesting but more so because the perk is fairly universal.

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Me: Can i get a scorpion ?
Targem: we have scorpion at home.
Scorpion at home …

Well, sh*t.


In a comment from 2022.02.21, I said it was epic and posted actual renders, not just a drawing.

And, because the old forum is going to get deleted soon, here they are, plus the specifications I got a few weeks ago and have been posting in the chat so far (because I refuse to be used for generating free reddit traffic - the idea of using us for free advertising was a cheap move that a real gaming company wouldn’t do; it’s akin to children using play money).
Specifications: An epic Syndicate weapon
Damage: 184 (276 with the perk)
Reload time: 4 sec.
Perk charging time: 0.5 sec.
Optimal range: 400 m
Maximum range: 600 m
Projectile speed: 900 (the Scorpion has 700)
HP: 400 pts.
Energy drain: 5 pts.
Weight: 702 kg

Perk: Upon charging, deals 50% more damage and does 5 pts. of damage to the vehicle.

Seeing as the next season is the Syndicate, and in the leak I got this weapon was placed in the Syndicate, and it synergizes with the Ermak cabin, it can be assumed they’ll both be in that season. On the other hand, another leak mentioned a new pack coming, named Polar Explorer. And in the leak with the Ermak cabin I got it was called “Explorer” instead of “Ermak”, which could suggest that it would be part of that pack. Here are the portrait, banner and logo from that rumored pack:
Unless all of the above-presented items will be included in the Syndicate season. The cabin and the weapon will definitely be sold together in some way, due to the synergy.
By the way, some more info on the coming season:
A CK for the Aurora:
There’ll also be CKs for the Harpy, the Bastion and the Small Track, and more.
And what’s with this derpy new forum styled after those old RPG sites, with much worse execution. This feels like a low-res CRT browsing experience.


Well there was a Russian explorer Named Yermak ( Yermak Timofeyevich - Wikipedia ) so the name similarity and the references to exploration and polar kind of fit in with the game devs past use of folklore and history. I’m not really sure how that matches up to the Syndicate though as I thought they were more Urban oriented.


Exactly. IDK (world politics?), but thanks for the update info. I come from a land of ice and snow myself, so I’ll get a kick out of the theme, I think.

Thanks for the research. That’s a savy dig. Sounds spot on.
I’m all about immersion, and this looks like fun to me. Sounds like the developers have been busy.
I’m looking forward to this update.


Very cool, thank you for the info

Yes, it could be possible if these heavy cabs use flexible solar panels. This will help them in free movement.

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