Fyi, hadron redistribution reduces reload up to 40%

The way the reload “speed up” buffs works, the echo cabin, which “speeds up reload by 50%”, reduces reload on the avalanche in a test from 8 seconds to 5.3 seconds with its ability. This is because 8/(100%+50%)=8/1.5=5.3 seconds. It is not a 50% “reload reduction”, which would give 4 seconds.

The hadron cabin redistribution perk also says 40% speed up, but it is actually a 40% reduction multiplier. Add the base 15% reload perk, and cyclops’ 27%, means you can start at 135% total “speed up” and reach 168% “speed up” when cyclops damage perk is fully active. Enjoy!

“speed up” here meaning the effect from flywheel, omnibox, echo, deadman etc… so the hadron redistribution can give a speed up of up to 107% when using the same language meaning as other parts

It’s no more than 40% post the divisional average no matter how you calculate it. Test with Quasar’s you’ll see when it cuts off.

Did you understand the first part about the Echo and 50% speed up?

It has a cut off though re-read it.

It says the cutoff is 40% speed up, but it’s a multiplicative reload reduction which is stronger than all the other reload speed up perks. When stacked with cyclops, it can reach 107%.

The cut off at 40 means you can’t exceed that.

I’m not being mean to you or anything it’s just how it is. I really can’t argue against it either.

Well, stock avalanche has 10 second reload. Echo cabin perk gives 50% reload speed up, which is stronger than hadron’s 40 %. To show your understanding, which is the Avalanche’s reload with just Echo and no other reload modifiers?

Any of the short reload weapon on hadron might work but they just fixed a bug with that. Echo is what I use and it just cuts it in half. Avalanche is hard to use are you on PC?

Wrong, Avalanche with default 10sec reaload with echo perk is 6.67 seconds.

I am using Avalanche as example because 10 second is easy to math with.

What about Avalanche on Deadman?

Does the king/hadron/cannon combo not do what it used to? I don’t think I’ve played one of those builds since the update.

Deadman, flywheel, echo, etc all work the same, so its 25% “faster reload” compared to echo’s 50%, and Hadron’s 107% “faster reload” when using the same meaning between the cabins. It puts in perspective how strong Hadron is, though you do need the King minelayer so more generator, more powerscore etc.