Gaijin Store problem

Hey there,
Couple of days ago i was thinking to make an surprise for my friend named Koder_ and buy him as an gift: Crossout - “Mind hunt” event pass. While trying to do that i had encounter and payment issue. Such as: "You can not send gifts to an account that uses a different currency.
I had contacted customer support and the response was:
Yesterday at 15:52

Thank you for contacting Gaijin Customer Support.

Please re-login at the store, and check if the issue persists. Also, we do not recommend using any VPN/Proxy when accessing the game or our website, otherwise the issue might happen again.
Best regards,

Support Specialist (ISL)

I had uninstalled my anti-virus which had an build in VPN and i didn’t knew it. After i did that i went to Gaijin Official store, re-log in and tried to do the purchase gift again but it seems problem had persisted. I event used another browser thinking it would work but it didn’t.
Any suggestions guys?