Game balance after Odin

How are you all feeling about the general game balance (or lack of it) after the inclusion of Odin? Honestly I am not seeing that big of a change outside OP Cyclone builds now are running 3 in higher ps more easy, and 4 4-energy guns you only used to see 3 of on a build are more common now (Destructor, nothung)

The OP-ness of OP gear is bloated even further, but it’s not that huge of a difference as the OP stuff was already so far apart from general parts that you don’t see anyone using and their performance was already extra lackluster compared to the OP stuff so all in all while extremely unbalanced, the amount of unbalance seems to have stayed the same more or less, I mean an agile 3 destructor build still hard slaps most builds just as good as a 4 destructor build, both are gonna melt your guns off instantly. 3 Gravastar builds now melt your build maybe 1 second faster than usual once you’re being facehugged by one. Nests and TOW are still forgotten and so on

I run a 16-energy, 3-gravastar build with 2 seals and a shiver, quantum cab, thor, cheetah, and 4 claws, and yeah it can disintegrate anything, if I can close with the target. :unamused: Gravs are basically cardboard and impossible to armor effectively (no, I refuse to use spaced armor).

Anyway, I haven’t noticed any play imbalances since none of my builds are high enough ps-wise to even see other people using odins in combat. My heaviest builds are in the 13K ps range, and I don’t see myself going higher anytime soon. :expressionless: