Game Crash

I don’t know what to do at this point. My game keeps randomly crashing a lot. I tried repairing and reinstalling. My drivers, gpu(RTX3060), and computer are all up to date. I tried googling game crashing and the only suggestions I saw was what I’ve already done.

You could check your Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables they can cause a huge range of problems.

I’m still experiencing some crashes on PS4, but they usually seem to get fixed by closing and restarting the game. I suspect they’re still having some tech issues in general.

I’ll look into it. I know my computer had an update the other day for Net Framework.

I’m on PC and it’s happens constant, at least 3x, every time I play.

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What sort of crash? hard crash ? error message?

maybe just try to restart your computer 3 times, i bet that would fix the issue.

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is all because DLSS


I thought that wasn’t enabled on the 3060 cards and that it started on the 3070’s.

the game closes out and asks if I want to send an error report. I send one every time but I feel like they just go into the void.

ha, I wish that’s how it worked.

DLSS was set to auto, I turned it off. Here’s hoping that works.

Worth a shot.

No more crashes!! Turning off DLSS worked. I also VSync was on, I turned that off too.


‘thank you’ DLSS was the joke, nobody would help…

i posted this topic many weeks ago. Thank You CN_B also Thank you Tomax_

next time everything will be put into discussion forum, because otherwise nobody cares i guess

Hi all, I recently started playing XO and experienced crashes to desktop. I also play War Thunder and Call of Duty but only XO crashes on me. Event log revolved around this file, nvlddmkm, with this description "Application Crossout.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware. " I also got an error “the display driver crashed but was able to recover” or something along those lines. I implemented all the various fixes I could find on the web. Still crashed. Could sometimes play for a hour, other times would crash 2 minutes in. In an attempt to isolate the problem I installed Windows Performance Recorder from Microsoft which records what the various hardware components are up to when a fault occurs. Long story short, I’ve crashed to desktop exactly 2 times since installing WPR. Prior to install I would crash every session. Something about the logging process is preventing the GPU and/or driver from crashing. I’m running a AMD 5600x, 32GB RAM and a 3060Ti FWIW. Drive is a Samsung NVMe 512GB. This has worked so well I’ve basically stopped trying to find a fix for the crash. I will start the recording just before launching XO and end it when I’m done. If I play long enough I will minimize the game, cancel the recording and then start it again so as not to consume all my free space on the HDD, which it will, eventually crashing your PC due to lack of free space. AFAIK, that’s my only caviat. In WPR I unchecked everything except “GPU activity” and “video glitches” to try to minimize the size of the recording. Anyway, hope this helps someone.

that’s your future self saving you the headache from playing crossout, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

lol No doubt.