Game Crashes

I am posting this as it may help others who are experiencing crashes.

After the last update the game started to crash, more than usual, to desktop every time I joined a mission. I would join the team start to move forward and the game would crash. Sorry to the teams I joined which ended a player down. I didn’t have this problem when I joined a raid.

I have an old Laptop and had just over 900MB of spare space and have been able to play with this amount with no problem. I cleaned out temp files and other unwanted files and managed to regain just over 1GB of space but as soon as I started playing the crashes would start again and the spare disc space had reduced to just over 800MB. After a few days of constantly having to clean my disc I decided to uninstall the game and reinstall it.

Uninstalling the game gave my just over 9GB of space but I could no longer reload the game as you need over 12GB of space. After uninstalling games I no longer play I managed to recover just over 15GB which allowed me to reinstall the game with just over 3GB of spare space.

The game is now running a lot better and so far I have not had the problem of un-wantingly crashing into other team players, spinning off into rocks and walls and jumping forward and back I hope this may may be of benefit to others.


The update also changed whether or not you’re “seeding.”
This is a big deal if you have bandwidth troubles & can make the game lag or outright crash.