Game crashing randomly(crossout)

I/o error or other apps interfering, but idk what could be interfering or what to do at all.

General stuff to try would be: System file checker, DSIM (depending on os version), Check for hardware and software updates (especially video card), test your memory for errors. Turn off programs that might be running in the background that hid on the system tray…

Windows update wont work, and the DISM thing I get an error then i type in some code from youtube to fix that but i get an error with that aswell, even factory reset fails by crashing

Well if you’re already going as far as trying factory reset and have win10 already then could try downloading the windows media creation tool and stick it on a thumb drive and do a full install:

The game was reliable up until a few months ago, now it crashes almost every day at least once. Sometimes with that file I/O error you mention, sometimes unspecified.

I’ve checked things on the hardware, like memory and HDDs. There are no errors. Personally, I think EAC is to keen and thinks that the slightest inconsistency is hacking. Unfortunately, it can’t be turned off. I had EAC problems in War Thunder, but on that game you can choose not to use it.

I’ve had EAC refuse to let the game start, then it starts next time having altered nothing on the PC.

Maybe instead of constant barrage of new content half of which is pointless, they might fix the damned game so it can actually be played.

Have you updated you drivers and everything especially video card drivers.