Game improvement suggestion

I’m asking you to add something like the position of the weapon relative to the vehicle to the game.
Something similar to War Tunder.
This option would make it easier to fire at the enemy from a distance while moving.
thank you

Im not agree with this hud, its a good idea but i dont think its improving the game too much. After last update only cars with tires will get a benefit of this hud since omni, hovers, legs have camera based gameplay, it means your weapons and your car are ever loking at front.
If you consider that most of players on “late game” stage will use builds with this movement parts because they just are better, i think not much players will care about this hud.

Maybe this hud can be good if this shows blueprint of your car and you can see what parts you missing after recive damage or something like this, and im not sure its what ppl demand. Better improvment will be new game modes, rebalance weapons, faster progresion for new players who need to play 2 years to face old players garage…

Its just my opinion, have a good day everyone.