Game in decline

Perhaps. The devs have made a lot of consecutive poor decisions that have destroyed the playerbase though.

Game is not fun, simple as
New players and players who haven’t sunk lots of money or time can all go fuckeneth themselves, cheesing everything is a rampant problem (this counts general sealclubbing as well and becoming a bedlamtard after getting slapped around too much in regular pvp), bots ar unhingedly OP at times and forced into every match when nobody wants it, balance has gone and shoved it’s own head up it’s anus to the point of inverting itself into an upside-down inside-out being of anal insertion, and the devs and current balance favors the most brain dead and droned out kind of weapons and gameplay (drive right into an enemy or just hold down button while pointing at an enemy, or buy shotguns) while all the interesting and fun to play weapons that offer some change to this stale cow patty screaming for money at every possible turn have been left to ferment and forgotten.

We get all kinds of shiny keys jiggled in our faces (random lottery events, sales, fusion events) in desperate hopes of distracting players from the fact that this is a kusoge shit game

We get all kinds of arbitrary “HUGE BALANCE OVERHAULS AND CHANGES” that genuinely do not do anything to solve any problem, it’s just making a big deal of nothing happening. Like the upcoming energy change, lots of promise and text to what boils down to “Now your 4 Imp build will have to use a blue radiator instead of a purple one and maybe overheat 5% faster, but the PS system is so fucked either way that you won’t notice a difference in the opponents you fight”

And the latest trend of sticking helicopters everywhere, I understand the devs want to sniff their own heli-farts after taking so long to brew them, BUT if people wanted a helicopter game they would have played that instead of crossout to begin with.

And let’s talk about the devs, This whole year has been a shitshow to begin with but I genuinely think that the main people in charge of this game that do not get replaced are big whiny babies who throw temper tantrums at their playerbase when they won’t automatically suck the dick of whatever bad decision they wanted to make.

And the game already did not have a good reputation to begin with, old time players can remember all the past and recent scummy things this game has pulled off while pissing in the face of it’s players just for some quick cash. And the latest trend of spamming premium pack “sales” just reeks of desperation and the game dying, so people will feel even more like abandoning the game and not putting any money into it. Whole last year and this year it’s felt more or less like it’s just milking as much money out of whatever players are left and then suddenly just poof disappear with all profits in it’s pocket and I at least, after all this bullshittery over the years, do not want to give any money into the pockets of these retards so they can have a happy life after ruining this game to the ground with stupid, stupid decision after decision while getting angry said stupid decisions are not hailed as the best thing ever and then just taking a fat shit on the playerbases driveway while also shouting at them to give them money

And then the confrontation, clan wars itself is already an extra cancerous mode of just shit cheese gameplay in teams of 4 cockmonglers mongling each others mongs, I never played this mode because I did not want to. I do not like it. I don’t want to play it. Then they added the diet version and shoved it down everyone’s throat in the usual you better enjoy and play it or else-style and locked badges behind it, making grinding for anything even more tedious than before. Clan wars used to be an “end-game” shitcake you did not have to worry about, but now with confrontation the shit is spread evenly everywhere and you have to walk into the poop puddle every now and then want it or not, while the whole game is already the designated shitting street.

Take all that into consideration and no wonder people do not feel like sticking around. Even if that was not the case at all, this is the general feeling people seem to get, and this is coming from someone who felt like supporting the game by buying a pack every month with extra money, maybe some coins every now and then and playing regularly to kep up the numbers of active players and doing this for multiple years. And I have seen many people who have done this feel this way.

And to close off this monologue, fuck the supercharged update, arcade-like driving was more fun than “realistic” driving that they wanted to aim for. I don’t play games for realism I play games to have fun. Real world sucks, why would I want it stuck into a game?

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once again i fully agree with what you said.

I’ve been playing MW5 recently, because I was tired of XO.

To expound on this, I hated the hover/omni directional movement part meta.

I hate the fact that tracks weigh so much and cover so little, they’re practically useless for protection.

I hate the fact that shooting guns off was the only viable strategy.

I don’t miss it.

I still enjoy playing Crossout.
Best game I ever played!

You need to touch some PC, SNES and N64 classics, my man >.>
It is fun and fills a niche where it’s pretty much the only competitor, but “best game” in general?

I’ve been playing games since the early 80s. I know what I like, and Crossout is it!
I like driving games, especially ones where I can customize my ride.
I like tank games and giant robot games.
I like building games.
The only thing that would make Crossout better for me is if it was more of a giant open world with more players in battle at a time.

I always absolutely hated driving games so that might explain the diverging opinions :joy:

I especially love off road driving games.
Oh, and post apocalyptic mad max stuff will always grab my eye. And I don’t mind the Star Wars stuff either.

That’s different but possible.

Hell yea poony. ‘Dirt’ for racing and ‘Snowrunner’ for a slow, dirty, satisfying challenge in the muck, amirite?


I actually don’t know either of those, are they new or old?
I’ve had periods of years when I didn’t have a console, and didn’t really game at all, other than at friends’ places.

Check out Snowrunner. You drive various trucks from pickup trucks for scouting/reaching hard to fit places like narrow cliffsides, to monsterous 16 wheel purpose built trucks to build/rebuild infrastructure on a dozen or so maps across varying terrain. Swamps, tundras, mountains, etc. Its a slower game, but its fun to push the limits.

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That sounds up my alley. I don’t mind slow games.
Available for PlayStation?

Voron Grad all the way