Game in decline

(PC gamer) Less than a month ago they were playing 5k and now since the middle of the month there are less than 1800 people, why?

And today it had its lowest point with 1170 players.


I can only speak for myself but I’m just to busy to play a lot right now. I want to but I can’t.

There’s the issues going on in some parts of the world that make up greater demographics in the game too. There’s new rounds of drafts that just pulled 300k out of the majority demographic area too a few days ago. They will probably have to move to more euro centric/asean/americas ads to make up for it.

To rationalize the number:
1% - 3k players
10% - 30k players

Typo corrected. (not to now)

Outside of that: Easter Dinners if it didn’t come to your mind.


Its because Gaijin does not want XO to do well for War Thunder’s sake. They have to keep that mediocre shit game afloat by any means necessary including sabotaging Crossout. So they’ve made this game unappealing to new players, they’ve gutted the high skill high reward builds, and the only new content is all god fuse powercreep that you have to pay for.

Crossout is over. This game’s dead.


I think Gaijin realized XO would kill War Thunder when it came into open beta and had every big war thunder youtuber playing it. I think Gaijin’s first act of sabotage was adding Dawns Children which nuked the games momentum on social media and immediately chunked 33% of the playerbase on steam.

Spoken like a true War thunders fan…

warthunder is so damn rigged and unfair its not even funny. i tried it once and i tried the pve mode and omg its BULLCRAP! when i chose a tank and spawned in i got a damn bomb dropped on my head within 10 seconds 1 shotting me and forcing me to respawn again because every single ai plane drops those damn bombs on me. no joke, i was with a friend and he watched as i just got heavily targeted by planes and died every 10 - 30 seconds. when i chose a anti air gun id get killed by the damn tanks targeting me. theres no cover in there and your always out in the open. between the cheap ai and the bombs dropped on my head every 10 damn seconds i quit that game and never looked back.

hate to say it but yeah your right, it is. im just saddened by this because crossout can be a great game. but im not surprised at all, the amount of battle passes, season passes, mini passes, etc they shove into this game is sickening. instead of putting all that effort into a new mode or a new proper season with a new permanent mode, or even permanent blueprints, they just shove all their effort into timed blueprints, timed modes, battle passes, mini battle passes, season passes, packs, etc.
this isnt crossout anymore, its just turned into “wait 5 years before you get a decent weapon and even when you do get one your ass will still be handed to you on a gold plated platter”.

i hope they will turn it around but i doubt they will. if they dont then i wont be buying another premium. ive had enough of this game never getting any new content.


Just my unsubstantiated opinion, but I have no confidence that they care about players’ concerns, and worse than that, they don’t seem to CARE if the game loses people. It IS a great game; I left other games to play this one pretty much exclusively…but to the people that run the game, it’s just a job, and whatever happens, happens. I’d think if there was passion, they’d care about player retention instead of creating snowball cannons for a quick sell. And I’m not talking about the coders, I’m talking about the project leaders and managers and whoever else decides where the game goes. Maybe it’s the politics of where and how they live, who knows.

I’ve spent money on the game and I don’t regret it; it was worth it. I’m here to stay, but I’m done feeding the snail until they start caring about the game, first. Where is the Gordon Ramsey of the gaming world?


i have full confidence that probably a majority of people at crossout could not care less about players concerns.
as long as people keep pouring a shitton of money for relics and similar into the game, whether it is 40% or 1% of the games total playercount, they will probably think everything is OK, there is obviously no need to even read any forums or user reports, and will continue on their current path to end up like one of those old almost-dead ultra p2w videogames

but i wish i could truly look into the crossout team internally, see their current situation, and maybe see at how many levels they do not give a fuck about anything

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its funny, as much as id like to offer this other goofy game from gaijin as an alternative, it has literally identical issues to crossout. in simple terms, gajin games think cars are shit and flying things are fucking cool and badass and should obliterate ground vehicles in all respects

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All good things must come to an end. Enjoy the fun memories you had while playing this game.

I don’t see the full picture of the game. Although I do dislike the direction they’re going with it.


and wargaming…

But i bet with @AFluffyBadger that Wargaming it’s worse than Gaijin

I hate War Thunder, World of Tanks, and the entire military vehicle soyjak community. They are like a bunch of fanboys arguing about superheroes or sports teams.

Last time I looked at WoT they had their yt influencers quitting and publicly berating them.

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I think you missed the subtle sarcasm. There’s just something odd in suggesting a publisher would intentionally harm their own product for the sake of another product they also publish.

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Not just in WoT, in WoWs more than 30 CCs quit the CC program more or less at the same time ( also because what they did to Little White Mouse) plus the ones Wargaming fired.
But hey, years later they solve an old problem, people complaining in the forum because of the numerous scandals they promoted. They shutdown the forum, who wants, now they have the discord, a makeshift forum… no more community.

Tell me, Did War Thunder sold ( with real money) the opportunity, a chance to win a build that was retrieved from the game some time ago?
And after you spent real money, then you went in some kind of lottery, and let’s say you won…and in the end you see that what you won was a nerfed version of what you thought you would get1
That was the story of USS Missouri at the hands of those guys.

Boring endless grind. Last time i logged in was January the 15-th, decided to check the news and forum. Same events, same bp for money no actual changes just some adjustments with ram dmg

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Quit ,& uninstalled the best thing I have ever done. I did return for one match and found everything had was even more Fubar, uninstalled for the final time. Stopped in the forum thinking it would be interesting to see if any thing had improved… LMBO Not a chance. Time to pour Salt on the ailing shelled gastropod.


The steam charts are odd for this game where the numbers suddenly spike or drop for no apparent reason, we had entire threads and discussions about that in the past. Now I do know the numbers are dropping slowly but surely and why? just look at the amount of buy and sell orders on various things and it is down by at least 20% since like 4 months ago. They also removed the rise of the machines leaderboard more likely than not just to hide the dwindling playerbase. Rise of the machines had exactly half of the players compared to spring mayhem and i even made a thread on that.

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Theres only so many people to play these games. I think at some point Targem has gone and said, “We can’t have too much competition with ourselves in this niche vehicle combat market.” What I find more odd than my odd idea is how Crossout has been fizzling out despite all the effort that went into its development. Right before the review bombing campaign after changes to weeklies this same thing happened to War Thunder. Crossout is lightning in a bottle yet they fucked it up so bad. They literally had most of the WT ccs playing Crossout during the launch of open beta. Everybody was hyped for this game calling it mad max + (insert other game title). Now it feels more dead than ancient niche FPS games despite having a larger playerbase.

Doubtful if that would ever happen. The audience is wider then that. The thing that I think makes stuff worse in the the game is the caustic negative players that are trapped in their own echo chamber that feel like they own more then they actually do.