Game keeps crashing since 2.0

never used to crash, now since 2.0 game crashes like once an hour.

i get random crashes even during cw or normal pvp or when i just browse the market ingame.

and then for a few days / hours no problems and then it will crash again.

it sometimes also crashes when you just login true steam.

Ive also notice if steam has a update it need to do it sometimes will crash crossout.

before i see that steam need update.

Or the game crash on me when ive been dowing to little for a while or i was on a phone call and then get back into a pvp game…

its like there is some memory leak that occours i think and then boots me back to desktop… or randomly cuts my .exe of crossout

my pc runs the new 2.0 update fine most of the time includding graphix update but something has been off for a while now its pissing me off…

I play on two different rigs. One is not what you’d call a high end rig, but it has an I7, older higher end graphics card, and plenty of RAM.

The other is a nicer HP laptop for business - clearly not made for gaming. I mean, it’s great for what it is, but yeah…

The ONLY time I have crashes is when I’m playing on the laptop. I don’t think the game has ever crashed on the nicer build. For what it’s worth and all that…

I find the laptop does better when I put the graphics settings on just about the lowest the game offers. It’ll run fine with them higher, but it’ll crash more often.

One nice thing about the super low settings is that some things are easier to see - like ammo drops etc. If you go this route, the only graphics setting you’ll want to NEVER be on minimum is draw distance. You don’t wanna be fighting someone who can see you just fine, but isn’t rendered on your end.

Ask me how I know… LOL

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What type of symptoms show directly prior to the crashes?

Normally if mine crashes the sound glitches like a skipping record for a few seconds then things stop moving and the program terminates?

Problem is stil there in the new year i keep getting random crashes in normal pvp or the menu or the clanwars it just crash the game or shut it down to windows desktop and end my crossout.exe realy frustrating because i get no error messages it just CLUNKS itself and i cant play.

When i do play everything is fine + my connection to the game. (i dont know anymore).
Ather thing also today i crashed on 1st time booting up the game and acces my crafting bench.
(all i did and it clunked the game).

On second try today game worked fine for a few hours no problems and then clunked itself again on something and crashed… (puts hands in the air) i have no clue anymore its crashing since that 2.0 update so something is stil unbalanced or wrong with current new updates…

Im also still crashing. i never crash during game play, only after or before. try one of these it may help! (didn’t help me)

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Very unlikely to help.

By the way i got myself a upgrade in my pc i put crossout on a very fast m.2 ssd now instead of a HHD it helps with some of the loading of assets when i just boot up and log into the game.

So far today the game stil clunked itself when loading into garage or a cw match…

I stil think it has something to do with loading or connecting or processing due of 2.0 update things changed somewhere.

1 crash today no report / 1 crash today i did get report software. (im kinda with my hands in the air).

Even did al driver updates and more i needed to do.

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Do you play other games or graphics intensive programs?
If so, does it crash then?

  • My PC - all tested / scanned works perfect -

Crossout 2.0 is the ONLY game that Crashes. (not during game play tho - only after or before)

‘‘i run any game @ max setting 24/7’’

Crossout 1.0 worked perfect

-peace out-

some pc stats:

980 PRO M.2 2280
DDR4 3200 16GB

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DLSS is the problem, turn it off…

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devs dont care, im done sending any crash reports, we are on our own

I dont think that is the problem here DLSS is a Nvidia GPU setting for the game i own a RTX 3070… and you run a 3060 also if you turn this off you need use ather settings…

I might turn it a bitt down to see if it works instead of having 100% sharpness so far ive kept that thing on automatic. but gone fool around with the setting.

Maybe you’re right maybe you’re half wrong i dont know.

I put it on performance and 75% sharpness.

its been a while ago i did lower the DLLS and sharpness to 75% and i have a new modem in my house from my provider it has made things a bit better but the game stil ends up crashing randomly with serten things.

I do think the interface and ussing menus does cause some problem or crashes with the game.

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Turn Off DLSS 100% also turn off v-sync. ive had almost zero crashes since feb 20th

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recent mini update made game client more stable (i stil wonder what they fixed then…)