Game Mode Remove

Hello Everyone

I Miss the Helicopter Game Mode i have so much fun in this Mode to Play and now they removed it.

Idk why but i have invested so much time in Crossout to Play as a Helikopterpilot with big guns “2xTsunami”.

After the 40 Day Event Limitation and after the remove move from Gajin i have No Motivation anymore to Play i played since Release payed alot To improve my Arsenal of weapons.

I mean why its really to hard to Set a Gamemode as a permanent Mode ?

Let the Player a Dynamic Choose of what they want to Play.

Have Gajin No Stats wich Game Mode played alot and what Not ?.

I think i Take a Long Brake from Gajin my Motivation ist gone Same modes since years since release and now is a good variety Gamemode gone.

Have a Nice One

The developers did make it clear the helicopter blades will be coming back in time. Hope to see you around.

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It’s okay little buddy, the rotor will be back but you do know this is a car-oriented game right?

Gunship battle: helicopter and helicopter games do exist out there you miss seeing spinning blades :smile:

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