Game need better balance (my opinion)

Few things what REALLY need to check.

3~4 men groups\platoons can be too dominating. Easyly keep over 95% win ratio. Easyly fix. Make group size 2 men.

AI weapons NEED buffs. You literally do not any AI weapons to end game or clanwar.

Stealth. 1 energy cost and still best of the best module in the game. This module NEEDs nerf. It is counter alone every single AI weapons. Enemy bots, even human eyes. Need to make this way. AI weapons do not broken aggro. Like missiles drones etc. Shimmering do not broken enemy bot aggro. And last thing make stealth players driving slow speed if they wanted to use stealth. In stealth mode driver can moving slow speed,similar than kaiju. This making this overpowered module to balance.

Wedge. Force to players to using them to more higher. I remember that era when passive melee touching to ground it is slowing or even to stop your vehicles. That is balance. In today wedge system give free kills too carefree.

Weapon balances. This need to touch. Where is good legendary drones??? Every weapons need to work,rigth?

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Anihilator is a good legendary drone.

I do agree that platoons ruin the game (this is why I play solo PvP 90% of the time) BUT, changing the group size will not fix this because readying for the game at the same time is a thing. That is how you get full groups in brawls that don’t support groups. Anything that can be abused will be abused.

100% agree with this. The “if it’s not a range build you don’t have skill” thing is BS. Every weapon in the game should be a viable option.

Disagree here, I would have agreed a while ago, but the stealth module has been nerfed multiple times. You can see people clear as day a mile away now.

Agree, we currently have zero competitive drones.

Every attempt to “fix” wedges has made the game worse.

I was about to mention that the camo modules do not need a nerf as they are 80% less competitive than they were when I started, their run time has been cut, you have to be at a certain speed to be remotely invisible, and you leave tire marks everywhere even when cloaked, I remember people going almost across the map while cloaked when I first joined up years ago

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How about reworking the Chameleon module(s) altogether? If we consider how it would work IRL, we could use some of that to both improve it and make it less effective for certain situations. Here are a few things I think could be done:

First, active stealth only renders you invisible within the spectrum of visible light. However, weapons targeting systems often operate within the infrared range, so active stealth wouldn’t really do anything to block targeting. Therefore, missiles & AI weapons would remain locked onto a target even if it went invisible. However, for the sake of some additional benefit, AI weapons could take, say, twice as long to lock onto an invisible target, and perhaps missiles may need a few sec to lock-on, so ppl can’t simply scan the entire battlefield and instantly expose stealth targets.

Also, if a craft has a large physical presence, then a radar would still detect it, regardless if it’s even visible to the human eye. Therefore, active stealth does nothing to help you escape detection from radar.

Now that the Chameleon is pretty much useless by this point, we can finally get to making some improvements. First, we can increase the duration of active stealth by a significant amount, maybe 10 sec for Mk1 & 15 sec for Mk2. Next, its deactivation when firing or taking fire could simply be disabled, as it’s not really hiding them from radar or AI/missile weapons anymore.

Now, why would anyone want to continue using a Chameleon module by this point? Simple, to make it more difficult to target your weapons. The simple property of being able to continue using the Chameleon module in the heat of battle would enable a new & huge variety of crafts that don’t really need to hide their weapons so much anymore. Heated parts would still visibly glow a hot red even while the rest of the craft remains invisible, so this could be another way to reveal the shape of an invisible craft (especially when fire puddles & the Trombone would highlight the entire vehicle).

As a side-effect, this would buff missiles quite a bit, but it’d also open the door for new defensive modules such as flares, chaff, or even a module w/ the Griffon’s perk (limited to itself, however).

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